xQc signs with Luminosity Gaming ahead of Rising Stars competition
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The rumors and hints have been swirling for a few weeks now but the teasers are over. Daily Esports is happy to team up with Luminosity Gaming in announcing that mega Twitch streamer and content creator Félix “xQc” Lengyel has officially signed with the organization. A former pro player of the Overwatch League, xQc joins a stacked content creator lineup for Luminosity.

Luminosity, alongside Enthusiast Gaming, also announced the return of the popular Rising Stars competition.

Luminosity lands xQc, announces Rising Stars competition

The full announcement video for the signing of xQc and the return of Rising Stars can be seen below, courtesy of Enthusiast Gaming.

This is huge news in the world of streaming, as xQc is undoubtedly one of the top streamers in the world. Boasting over 40,000 viewers every day on Twitch, there are few more popular than the Canadian-based creator.

Luminosity also revealed that the Rising Stars competition is returning. Originally launched in 2019, this competition pits gamers against each other in hopes of joining Luminosity that comes with a $100,000 sponsorship.

If you’re unaware of what Rising Stars is, allow us to go more in depth. Essentially, this is a competition similar to NBC’s “The Voice,” in that competitors can send in an entry to be chosen to advance to the next round. From these entries, 40 lucky contestants will be selected to audition live on Luminosity’s Twitch channel.

luminosity gaming

These auditions will consist of gamers doing what they do best, which is gaming. They’ll perform their skills for a panel of celebrity judges, which include some of LG’s top content creators like Muselk, xQc, Problem, Anomaly, and more. These judges will pick eight from the group of 40 to move on the next round. The Twitch audience will also be able to select an eliminated contestant to participate in the finals. From there, one of the three contestants will be crowned the “Rising Star”.

With this comes a one-year contract with Luminosity and a $100,000 sponsorship. If you think you have what it takes, you can sign up at RisingStars.gg. Each show for the competition will take place each Tuesday and Thursday night at 9 pm ET from October 13 to November 5.

Here’s what Enthusiast Gaming CEO Adrian Montgomery had to say about Rising Stars:

It’s only natural for us to look within these communities for the next rising star, which is comparable to popular shows, “American Idol” or “The Voice,” but for gaming… Rising Stars is something that is not only wanted and craved, but that it is also inspirational and aspirational to those watching and competing.

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Disclosure: Luminosity Gaming is a subsidiary of Enthusiast Gaming, which owns and operates Daily Esports.

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