Xizt joins Heroic as an analyst, will stand-in as coach for the PGL Major
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Richard “Xizt” Landström will join Heroic as their analyst, as well as step into the coaching role in the team’s upcoming PGL Stockholm Major run, according to an announcement from the organization. The team had been without a coach since Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen was terminated from his contract on July 29 for sharing the team’s strategies with their competitors.

“We are excited to have a true CS legend onboard,” the statement reads. “We are certain he will help us elevate our team to new heights in 2021. We are honored to have you as a part of our team.”

Xizt and Heroic

Xizt is one of the most decorated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players in the game’s history. He led Ninjas in Pyjamas to one of the most dominant streaks ever in 2015-2016 before joining Fnatic, and then finally Dignitas in 2020. The Swedish In-Game Leader retired on Sept. 23, 2021.

When Heroic was asked about potentially filling the coaching role during IEM Fall earlier in October, the team’s IGL, cadiaN, mentioned that they were actively searching for a replacement, but would only make a move if it made sense. The Danish AWPer pointed to the post-major shuffle as a time where they would be keeping their eyes peeled for options.

“I don’t think we just want to get a coach for one or two tournaments and then find the perfect one after the major,” cadiaN said. “If we get someone, it’s most likely going to be with the purpose of trying to have a long-term relationship.”

While it seems like Xizt will primarily be filling an analyst role, he will be brought along in the coaching slot to the PGL Major.

“Obviously, getting a new coach he can see some things and bring some things to the table,” cadiaN said. “But you also need to explain to him a lot of things, such as your philosophies, your strategies, the names of them, how we want to play. If he just comes in from day one and wants to change a lot of things and we have to play a tournament in one week it’s probably going to be a bit of a tough ride.”

An all Danish team, it remains to be seen how communication will work between Heroic and Xizt, who is Swedish. During cadiaN’s appearance on the HLTV Confirmed stream, he mentioned that Xizt has a cursory understanding of Danish, particularly the CS:GO lingo.

Heroic qualified to the PGL Major with Challenger status, meaning they will play in the opening stage of the event slated to begin on Oct. 26. Their first match will be against Tyloo at 7:45 EST.

Coby Zucker is Upcomer's resident CS:GO writer. He's also played League of Legends at the collegiate level and is a frequent visitor in TFT Challenger Elo. He's a firm believer that Toronto should be the next big esports hub city.