Xbox players face problems logging in to Warzone Pacific
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The Xbox version of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has been dealing with numerous problems since an update went live earlier in Season 1. While Microsoft might be purchasing Activision and Call of Duty with it, their own platform is having some issues trying to even launch Warzone. The problems originated with the mid-season update, which was released early last week. This update aimed to fix the issues that PlayStation players were having with Warzone. While it seemed to alleviate Team Blue’s issues, Team Green is now the platform in the dark.

The main issue that most Xbox players are having is getting into Warzone Pacific. When Xbox players try to access the game, they receive an error message or are sent back to the application’s homepage. A majority of players seem to be dealing with the latter, as Warzone Pacific will put them in a loop of restarting itself.

Warzone Pacific is broken on Xbox consoles

Multiple social media posts have surfaced over the last week that show the issues on Xbox. One redditor recorded their entire experience when trying to log into Warzone, which is essentially a series of restarts.

Warzone experience rn on xbox…
byu/Darknesgamer36 inCODWarzone

Commenters reported they’re having the same problem, with some saying it took nearly an hour to get to the pre-game lobby screen. Others are reporting that they can’t play with any friend before the game will kick the entire lobby.

There doesn’t appear to be any concrete fixes for this issue. However, Raven Software stated that pressing the Xbox button can cause some instability while playing. So, players should try to avoid pressing the Xbox button during their play session.

This isn’t the first issue that Xbox players have faced since Warzone Pacific launched. In late 2021, a bug surfaced that required players to have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, which wasn’t supposed to be a requirement to play Warzone. Players can keep track of any bug in Warzone Pacific through the official Trello board.

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