Worlds 2022 post-semifinals Pick’Ems update
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It has come to this. One final best of five series to wrap up League of Legends Worlds 2022, and the Crystal Ball Pick’Ems. There are still plenty of categories undecided coming down to the very last day.

The Crystal Ball is the new category that started during Play-Ins with several questions for fans to get separate points and rewards.

After the semifinals, here are the updated results from the Worlds 2022 Pick’Ems. Stats are compelled from multiple websites like Gol.ggLiquidpedia, and Oracle’s Elixir.

Most picked: Sejuani (48)

With only the finals remaining, Sejuani is guaranteed at least the podium as she has a five-game lead over the fourth-place champion. However, Sylas and Azir can still possibly surpass her.

Most banned: Caitlyn (82)

There are only three champions in the running for most banned with Caitlyn entering finals with a two game lead over Yuumi and a four game lead over Aatrox.

Most deaths: Maokai/Sejunai (127)

Maokai was not picked a single time in either semifinals which has opened the door for Sejuani. The two are tied heading into finals.

Highest Winrate: Sivir (92%)

Sivir has the highest winrate so far at Worlds 2022. She is closely followed by Yuumi, who has a 86% win rate.

Yuumi made waves at Worlds 2021 without even really having to do anything; how fitting.
Yuumi made waves at Worlds 2021 without even really having to do anything; how fitting. | Provided by Riot Games.

Most roles played: Maokai/Seraphine (3)

Maokai and Seraphine have both been played in three roles.

Highest KDA: T1 Keria

Ryu “Keria” Min-seok is the current KDA leader heading into finals but his bot lane partner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong is right behind him.

Most played champions: BeryL (12)

Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee has this category all but locked up. He has a three champion lead over the next closest player that can still earn placements.

Most kills in game: Shogun (16)

There has not been a player that has matched Nguyễn “Shogun” Văn Huy’s 16-kill performance in the play-in stage so far at Worlds 2022.

First Blood: Kingen (6)

It’s all but over for this category has “Kingen” has a four-kill lead over the next cloest player that can earn placements.

Most played champions (Team): EG (43)

EG might have exited Worlds 2022 before the quarterfinals but they are still the leader. However, DRX only need two more champions to tie them and T1 only need five.

LCS Free Agent Impact
Impact’s contract is running out this November

Total pentakills: 2

The Worlds 2022 quarterfinals ended with no pentakills.

The two pentakills came into play during the play-in stage.

Most killed Drake: Hextech (105)

The most interesting category left by far is the most killed drake. With a miraculous comeback by Cloud drake, four of the five drakes are within four kills of each other making it anyone’s guess entering finals.

Baron Steals: 7

There have been seven Baron steals at Worlds 2022.

Longest game duration: 44:51

The longest game of Worlds 2022 did change from the group stage as Game 5 of the Gen.G versus DWG KIA quarterfinals set was a banger. However, the new longest game didn’t move the Pick’Ems needle.

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