Worlds 2021 semifinals: DWG KIA vs. T1 match ratings
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Welcome to our Worlds 2021 match ratings, as we enter the first day of semifinals with DWG KIA and T1 squaring off. Every day, I, your designated guinea pig and critic, will watch all of the world championship games so you don’t have to. I will be here to dish out star ratings for every game and let you know if I recommend the slew of fights that day at Worlds.

My rating scale is from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) stars. Here’s what each star rating means in layman’s terms:

* = Boring. Utterly skippable and something no one will remember by tomorrow.

** = Watchable. Possibly recommended based on your rooting interests.

*** = Good. Something I’d recommend checking out, even if you’re not a fan of either team.

**** = Must-watch. A game or series that you need to watch if you have any interest in League of Legends.

***** = An all-time classic. This perfect rating is only achievable if a game or match is at the highest level of entertainment, gameplay and will go down in the lexicon as a moment no League of Legends fan will ever forget.

DWG KIA vs. T1 Game 1

*** ¾ stars

The heavyweight bout started as you’d expect, both teams taking decisive moves and matching each other’s aggression in the side lanes. T1 found a gap up top, so DWG returned the volley with a play of their own in bottom lane which T1 then returned with another play on top.

Even though T1 had the pace early, DWG’s capture of the Rift Herald and better overall teamfight execution with the Maokai support layering in perfect harmony with Jhin and LeBlanc grabbed them the game one win. T1 couldn’t match the cohesion of a well-tuned DWG, and without their trusty Rift Herald to secure them an early advantage, it was curtains in the opener.

DWG KIA vs. T1 Game 2

**** ¾ stars

While there have been closer and more entertaining games at Worlds 2021 so far in terms of action, you can make an argument this is the best-played game we’ve seen up to this point.

As it was in the opener, we saw a push and pull from both South Korean clubs, trading blows without allowing for an early knockout blow. This time, though, T1 brought a better teamfighting composition to the table and were able to contest neutral objectives while also doing their due diligence to keep side waves pushing.

Lee “Faker” Sang-heyok’s new role of being the ultimate stopper was on full display on this map as he made sure Heo “ShowMaker” Su couldn’t breathe on his LeBlanc. Following a vital Baron steal by T1 jungler Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon and a wipe in a frantic brawl, DWG KIA dropped their first game of Worlds 2021.

DWG KIA vs. T1 Game 3

**** ½ stars

T1 grab Zilean and Kennen to create an almost unstoppable teamfighting duo in the late-game anchored with Ryze, Jhin and Xin Zhao. And while Canna’s Kennen had some true nerve-showing moments that gave DWG KIA some false hope, Faker’s Ryze paired up with a Ferrari-speed Jhin with Zilean behind them was far too much for the reigning world champs to handle.

T1 are now only a game away from making their first world championship final since 2017. DWG KIA’s budding dynasty is on life support and need back-to-back wins to keep it afloat.

DWG KIA vs. T1 Game 4

*** stars

With their backs against the wall, the world champs gave their best game of the tournament. Once Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu helped ShowMaker get first blood on LeBlanc, DWG KIA’s superstar mid laner took the ball and ran with it, crushing Faker and T1 to bring us to a climactic fifth game.

A series with so much story behind it that has been so well-played, it is only right we are going to a fifth and final map.

See you on the other side.

DWG KIA vs. T1 Game 5

**** ¾ stars

An all-time series ended with an all-time game. T1 put their money on the perfect teamfight and DWG bet that their surgical precision with poke would bring them them the series victory.

After tense moments throughout, it was that precision and experience advantage that brought DWG KIA the win, never gifting T1 that dream five-on-five.

A series that will be remembered for years to come.

Tyler Erzberger is entering a decade of covering esports. When not traveling around the world telling stories about people shouting over video games, he’s probably arguing with an anime avatar on Twitter about North American esports.