Worlds 2021 group stage: Day 6 match ratings
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Welcome to our Worlds 2021 match ratings, as we enter Day 6 of the group stage, the final day of Group C competition. Every day, I, your designated guinea pig and critic, will watch all of the world championship games so you don’t have to. I will be here to dish out star ratings for every game and let you know if I recommend the slew of fights that day at Worlds.

My rating scale is from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) stars. Here’s what each star rating means in layman’s terms:

* = Boring. Utterly skippable and something no one will remember by tomorrow.

** = Watchable. Possibly recommended based on your rooting interests.

*** = Good. Something I’d recommend checking out, even if you’re not a fan of either team.

**** = Must-watch. A game or series that you need to watch if you have any interest in League of Legends.

***** = An all-time classic. This perfect rating is only achievable if a game or match is at the highest level of entertainment, gameplay and will go down in the lexicon as a moment no League of Legends fan will ever forget.

Day 5 saw T1 and Edward Gaming advance to the knockout stage with a few bland results along the way. Sunday’s matchups, however, show some promise, with Hanwha Life hoping to become the third South Korean team to advance at Worlds 2021 and PSG Talon hoping to recreate their Mid-Season Invitational magic in Iceland.

Hanwha Life vs. PSG Talon

** 1/4 stars

Last night, I lit up the Fionn Signal on Twitter and called for Chovy to have a career-defining day. Considered one of the best players in the world and someone who wants to be the undisputed No. 1 on the planet, he had to play better to end Group C and be the spear that drove HLE to the Worlds 2021 playoffs.

How’d Game 1 go?

A 3/0/11 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) and a creep score differential of nearly +100 in the mid lane. That’s the Chovy the audience tuned in to see.

Fnatic vs. Royal Never Give Up

**** 3/4 stars

Wow, what an amazing game. In a game that Fnatic needed to win to keep their hopes alive, they scrapped their way to a monumental win that opens up the entire group with endless possibilities.

RNG will be kicking themselves for overextending and allowing the Europeans back into the game, but full credit to Fnatic for, well, never giving up. Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau had the jungle game of his career and continues his impressive run so far at Worlds 2021.

Royal Never Give Up vs. PSG Talon

** 1/4 stars

Barely watchable, to be honest. RNG zoomed to a lead that should have been insurmountable until they randomly gave two free kills to Gwen to gift PSG a win condition.

Although the Gwen started rolling with a magical cat steroid on her back, RNG’s stacking of dragons early in the game helped them finish the match before PSG could stall into a winnable position.

Fnatic vs. Hanwha Life Esports

**** 1/2 stars

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Hanwha Life Esports vs. Royal Never Give Up

*** 1/4 stars

South Korea is now 9-0 in the second half of the group stage. China is now 2-8 in the second half of the group stage.

You could say this is a worrying trend.

Fnatic vs. PSG Talon

* 3/4 stars

This game didn’t mean anything aside from pride. If you’re bored and have nothing better to do, it’s a pretty entertaining game. I can’t in good conscience recommend a game with so low of stakes.

Tiebreaker: Hanwha Life Esports vs. Royal Never Give Up

**** 1/2 stars

A great day of games comes to an end with one of the closer matches of the tournament. It seemed as if it was going to be another win in the pocket for South Korea with HLE grabbing an early lead, but RNG did well to stall out the game long enough for its superior teamfighting to tip the neutral objectives in their favor.

Chovy killing minions in the side lane while his team and base were dying to end the game was also a perfect way to end the day.

Tyler Erzberger is entering a decade of covering esports. When not traveling around the world telling stories about people shouting over video games, he’s probably arguing with an anime avatar on Twitter about North American esports.