World of Warcraft Overwatch skins come with BlizzCon 2019 ticket
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In a new collaboration between games, Blizzard announced that fans that purchase the 2019 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will receive a unique cosmetic in-game reward among others. As usual, there is commemorative loot for games like Diablo III, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. However, this year’s event will feature two Overwatch skins with a World of Warcraft theme. Genji and Symmetra will receive a skin for Illidan and Tyrande respectively.

BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket

For fans that are unable to make it to BlizzCon in person, they will be able to purchase a virtual ticket. Fans that purchase this will be able to take part in live coverage of the events through a live stream. This consists of an all-access channel with developer interviews, panel coverage, and musical festivities. There will also be a variety of in-game digital cosmetic rewards provided with the $49.99 price tag.

While not all of them have been revealed yet, there are a few in-game rewards for every Blizzard game. These include a pair of wings for Diablo III along with a BlizzCon 2019 Hearthstone card back and unannounced Golden Legendary card. There will be StarCraft II Brood War-era portraits and skins for the Battlecruiser, Ultralisk, and Carrier units. In addition, fans of Heroes of the Storm will receive a commemorative BlizzCon spray, portrait, and Celestial Deepcrawler mount. 

World of Warcraft and Overwatch

With the recent increase in popularity through the release of World of Warcraft Classic, there will also be skins for WoW. This includes a murloc-ified faction leader for the Alliance and Horde with Finduin and Gillvanas. A Wendigo Woolies transmog outfit will also come attached.

The 2019 iteration of BlizzCon will take place between Nov. 1 and 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Some of the cosmetic rewards will be available to players before the event actually begins. Is the $50 price worth it if one buys it purely for the in-game rewards? Let us know what you think.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.