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Wordscapes’ Daily Puzzle is the game mode that really matters after you finish the main puzzle packs. If you want some help to find the answer to today’s Daily Puzzle without spending your precious coins, we’re here to help you. In this guide, you’ll find hints of what words to look for and the full answer in a grid.

Here are all hints and the solution for Wordscapes Daily Puzzle from October 12, 2023. You can jump straight to the answer or bonus words.

October 12, 2023 Wordscapes Daily Puzzle hints

If all you want is a little help and some hints for today’s daily puzzle, we’re here to help you save some coins. Here is how the Wordscapes grid looks like with a few random extra letters, which may or may not be the exact hints you can buy in the game.

Image via Upcomer

If you’re still stuck, maybe you want to stand up and stretch your leg. Stay cool and don’t let your ego frustrate you, *wink wink*.

Today’s Wordscapes Daily Puzzle answer

Image via Upcomer

The solution for Wordscapes Daily Puzzle from October 12, 2023 is:

  • CLOG
  • LOGO (using the O in CLOG)
  • COOL (using the last O in LOGO)
  • COO (using the C in COOL)
  • ECOLOGY (using the last O in COO)
  • GOOEY (using the E in ECOLOGY)
  • LOG (using the G in GOOEY)
  • EGO (using the O in LOG)
  • GOO (using the second O in GOOEY)
  • LEG (using the L in LOG)
  • GEL (using the E in EGO)
  • COG (using the G in GEL)

October 12, 2023 Wordscapes Daily Puzzle bonus words

The full list of Wordscapes Daily Puzzle bonus words today is:

  • CEL
  • LEY
  • LOGE
  • LOGY
  • LOO
  • LOCO
  • LYE
  • OLEO
  • OGLE

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