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Starfield is probably one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023, bringing the magic of Skyrim and Fallout to space. But with so much promise, some gamers are worried that the sci fi open world RPG won’t live up to expectations. Fortunately, some early reviews have already started rolling out and the game seems promising.

Starfield looks like a massive game full of planets, creepy space creatures, factions, and a detailed storyline and skill tree. Like previous Bethesda games, you’ll be able to bring companions along — and form relationships with them — as you make choices that completely alter the storyline.

Will it really live up to the epic expectations?

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Early Starfield reviews sound good so far

An anonymous source recently revealed to Kinda Funny that Starfield is definitely a game worth being hype about. Unfortunately, the source did not give away any details about their experience playing Bethesda’s latest adventure.

IGN has also had confirmed hands-on experience with Starfield. While the reviewer only played for an hour, he told gamers that the hour felt like only five minutes and the gameplay was definitely good.

The issue is that the game is massive. IGN confirmed that people will be “playing the game for years.” While this is good news for fans of expansive and detailed games with endless possibilities and things to experience and explore, it does make reviews a bit tricky. The anonymous source that talked to Kinda Funny said that the size of the game will make it hard for reviewers to leave accurate ratings because they won’t be able to experience the game in its entirety before writing something up.

While there’s not much to go on at this time, it does seem like Starfield is definitely promising. Fans may have to wait a little longer, however, to get more accurate reviews. And even those may not do justice to the alleged size of the game.