Will Sons of the Forest be on PlayStation and Xbox?
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PC users have been able to enjoy the critically-acclaimed survival horror game, The Forest, for nearly a decade at this point. The game was originally released in 2014 and is only just now getting a sequel, called Sons of the Forest. The Forest is one of the more successful survival titles of the modern era, so a sequel was inevitable. One of the more appealing aspects of The Forest was how accessible it is on PC, as players don’t need any high-end hardware to run it. It also became available on PlayStation 4 four years later, and players are wondering if Sons of the Forest will follow the same trend.

Sons of the Forest on PlayStation and Xbox

Sons of the Forest
Provided by Newnight

Unfortunately for console fans, the current plans for Sons of the Forest are only for PC. At this point, the sequel will not launch on either PlayStation or Xbox. Like how The Forest originally launched, PC will be its sole platform.

For reference, The Forest eventually did arrive on PS4, but only four years later in 2018. It’s unclear if Sons of the Forest will take a similar path, but the developers at Newnight have not announced any plans for a console port. It’s worth noting, though, that Xbox players likely have less of a chance of seeing a port than PlayStation players since The Forest never came to the Microsoft console.

As of now, PC players will be the only community to experience Sons of the Forest in all of its glory. The survival game will keep its horror elements from the first game, but adds an open world, meaning players will have much more to see and experience. However, there will also be more danger waiting around every corner as players try to survive the deserted island they are stranded on.

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