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The ARPG landscape is about to be shaken up once again as Last Epoch preps for its official launch after spending several years in early access. With all of that time in beta, you can bet there are plenty of players out there with immensely powerful characters, and with that comes the fear of starting over.

Last Epoch patch 1.0 will finally bring the game to its official release and naturally, players are fearing what this means for their current characters. With years to get a head start, it would make sense for there to be some kind of reset to level the playing field for newcomers, but at the same time, nobody should have to lose all of that progress. While there is little information out there, here is what we know about the fate of your current Last Epoch characters.

Will my Last Epoch save be wiped before patch 1.0?

Last Epoch in game screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

While Eleventh Hour Games are yet to release an official statement regarding the fate of your current progress through the 1.0 update, it appears there will be no wipe, instead, these saves will be transferred to a sort of “legacy” server.

This would make a lot of sense given that Last Epoch is intended to implement a cycle system that has players starting new characters every few months, so bringing your already max-level character through isn’t exactly the ideal way to play.

Furthermore, given that characters pre-1.0 could be made via offline play there is a huge vulnerability to be exploited by cheaters and modders. For this reason, all characters after 1.0 will be kept server-side, meaning you won’t have the ability to edit saves.

Of course, given that there is no announcement regarding these characters, Eleventh Hour Games may have other plans, but with 1.0 dropping in a few short days, and the team still encouraging players to take part in the beta, we don’t expect saves to be wiped on launch.

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