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Last Epoch is the latest ARPG to launch in a fully release state, but there’s one group of players left asking questions, console gamers.

The game has been available to play via early access on PC for a good amount of time now, but there’s been little news regarding a console release. With a full release right around the corner you’re probably wondering, is console possible?

Will Last Epoch launch on console?

Last Epoch in game screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

No, there are no plans in motion for Last Epoch to come to consoles, however, the devs claim it’s very likely to happen eventually.

In a Reddit thread from Feb. 2023, a member of the Eleventh Hour Games team said that no development on a console version of the game has been started, nor would it be launching anytime around the 1.0 PC update.

This means for the time being if you want to play Last Epoch in its full release state then you have to do so on PC. Truthfully, that shouldn’t really be a surprise given it has been PC-exclusive since its inception.

With the market for ARPGs on console growing, largely thanks to Diablo, we expect that Eleventh Hour Games will live by its word and roll out Last Epoch eventually. Given it is only now launching in a fully released state for PC we’d expect this to come much later after the kinks have been worked out fully.

What platforms is Last Epoch available on?

As you can probably guess from the information above, Last Epoch is only available on PC and you can purchase and play right now via Steam.

That’s all the info there is to know now on a potential console release for Last Epoch, however, if any new information comes to light this article will be updated so be sure to check back regularly to stay in the loop.

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