Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v7: 50-41 #WWRv7
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Upcomer is proud to partner with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank team to present the WWRv7! The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank rates 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate’s competitive online scene.

With offline events finally popping up again, online tournaments will undoubtedly decrease in popularity going forward. As a result, this may mark the last of the stacked quarantine editions of the WWR. The WWRv7 kicks off with a mix of veterans and newcomers.

WWRv7: 50-41

WebbJP ranks 50th on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

The first WWRv7 reveal is a veteran of the rankings, returning better than ever with his new main. Webb “WebbJP” J. lands at No. 50, utilizing primarily Zero Suit Samus, but keeping his tried and true Lucas for counterpicking purposes. He had numerous strong showings against some of the season’s most prolific players. In April, he entered Return to Subspace, eliminating Epic_Gabriel before finishing at fourth place. WebbJP ended his season strong in June with great showings at two more C-tiers. He took fourth place at War on NAKANDA and third place at Playing for Pride 2021. Across these two events, he defeated ATATA, Chag and 0mart, utilizing Lucas for his favorable matchup against the latter’s Snake.

WebbJP’s two strongest results, however, both came in late May within a week of each other. He earned a coveted ninth place finish at the S-tier SWT NA Northeast Online Qualifier. There, he defeated loaf, Mr.Zercon, ATATA and more. The following Wednesday, WebbJP impressed viewers yet again by taking home fifth place at the B-tier Lunch Box #11. He earned wins over LeoN, ven and ShinyMark along the way. Despite strong showings like these, WebbJP ranks low partly due to 18 unranked losses throughout the season. Moving forward, though, he will almost certainly rise up the ranks with his newfound mastery of Zero Suit Samus.

— Sean “GME” Wilkinson

Myles ranks 49th on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

Coming in at the No. 49 spot on the WWRv7 is Myles “Myles” McKenzie. This marks his fourth appearance on the rankings after missing last season. Equipped with a new tag after making his prior appearances as MiLe, Myles was as deadly as ever this season. His notable placements included third at Zinc Tank #4, 17th at The Box: Lunchbox + and 2nd at The First Bite. He was able to pick up wins over formidable players such as Epic_Gabriel, WebbJP (twice) and Mr. E (twice).

Myles had a respectable 6-7 record against the top 50, showing he can hang with the best of them. With the return of offline Smash imminent, it’s clear that Myles has been putting in the work. He’ll be a terrifying opponent regardless of the setting.

— Kyle “Grayola” Gray

Mr. E ranks 48th on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

Securing his third straight WWR appearance, Eric “Mr. E” Weber cuts in at the No. 48 slot. Though this is a significant drop off from last season, Mr. E was still a consistent threat throughout the high number of events he entered. Some of his most notable placements were seventh at Zinc Tank #4, 13th at the SWT NA Northeast Online Qualifier and 17th at the Airlock. Among the names unable to contain him in bracket were Scend, Lui$ (twice), Syrup and more. However, he was held back somewhat by his 12-25 record against the WWRv7 top 50.

Mr. E’s stats paint the story of a grinder who has what it takes to win at the highest levels, and he’s protected his spot on these rankings for another season. At any given tournament, he’s bound to be one of the strongest competitors present.

— Grayola

Middy ranks 47th on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

There are few words to properly describe a player like Jaiden “Middy” Vong. There used to be more, but we already used most of them the last six times they were on the WWR. Washington’s premier Pac-Man player slots in at 47th for their seventh consecutive appearance on the rankings. This makes Middy one of only two players to appear on every iteration. They were quick to secure their spot this time around, as their best two events both came in the early months of the season. At the Online Olympus II, they upset Yez early. Middy also picked up more wins on rm8 and SuperGirlKels en route to 4th place at the C-tier. Two weeks later, Middy’s 9th place finish at S-tier The Airlock saw them take out yosi, Nair^ and Aaron on the way.

Padding out the season with respectable finishes and few unranked losses, Middy turns in another stellar season. Whether they return for the WWRv8 depends on if they’ll be here or if they’ll move ahead to terrorize the Pacific Northwest offline. But wherever they goes, they’ll find success if they try — and clip their opponents whether they try or not.

Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Graphic by Cloudhead

Warping into the WWRv7 in the 46th spot is Matt “Midnight” R., who was known as xXBuntaiFan94000Xx in the past. Though they are known under many names, they are primarily known for their incredible play with Palutena. Midnight is dangerous with the character and has been known to go on incredible runs, such as their fourth place finish at Lockhart Series 2.

Midnight’s other notable placements include 13th at Smash The Router 4 and 17th at The Box: Lunch Box #9. Their list of notable wins is a who’s who of the online Smash scene. They were able to score wins on naitosharp, Sparg0, Lui$ and more over the course of this season. Midnight is someone to watch out for in any bracket, because they can hang with the best of them.

— Grayola

Aaron ranks 45th on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

Returning once again to the WWR in its seventh iteration is none other than Diddy Kong expert Aaron “Aaron” Wilhite. While the 45th spot is a drop from his previous position on the WWRv6, that doesn’t mean he’s lacking strong results. With a peak placement of second at Vermillion Stadium; 17th place finishes at both The Airlock and Lunch Box #8; and wins over the likes of naitosharp, Sonix, Lui$ and more, Aaron’s certainly had a solid season all around.

Aaron also holds a very low number of unranked losses, with only two. However, his negative record of 4-9 against the Top 50 holds him back a little bit from being higher on the rankings. Nonetheless, Aaron is a solid player overall. He’s someone you should never sleep on when facing him in bracket, whether offline or online.

— Cyrus “Cagt” Gharakhanian

LeoN ranks 44th on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

The premier representative for his character in both online and offline play, David “LeoN” Leon and his Bowser ended the WWRv7 season at No. 44. While he didn’t enter a huge amount of online tournaments this past season, one particular tournament bolstered his resume a great deal. That was the S-tier SWT NA Northeast Online Qualifier. There, he defeated Dabuz and Riddles before finishing in third place. His other strong performances throughout the season include 25th place finishes at both The Airlock, an S-tier, and The Airlock: Charity Smash Tourney, an A-tier. He earned wins on AlanDiss, yosi and SKITTLES!! Along the way.

This season did mark a moderate decline for LeoN compared to the last, as he dropped 27 spots. Nevertheless, this is certainly not due to any decline in skill level. As with many other strong players, the time for him to enter online events may be coming to a close as offline tournaments make a gradual return. Still, it is no small feat to rank thrice on the WWR as well as twice on the PGRU. LeoN has certainly made the most of leveling up his gameplay over the past three WWR seasons. Especially considering the qualifying spot he earned for the offline portion of the Smash World Tour, we’ll certainly see him at the top for plenty of events to come.


0mart ranks 43rd on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

For too long, the Dominican Republic has only had one rep on the WWR. So, it’s about time the rest of their PR snaked their way in. Omar Rubén “0mart” Cruz Mateo, No. 2 in the Dominican Republic, makes his WWR debut at No. 43. This isn’t the first season he’s picked up solid results, or even found himself in X-factor contention. But, it’s his first season with a result as explosive as his third place finish at A-tier The Airlock: Charity Smash Tourney. He went on a run through players like Jake and LMan and, most importantly, scored a huge win over Sparg0. He only lost to Sonix and Maister, perennial WWR juggernauts, making this an incredibly valuable run for him.

Though that would be his only event this season with a WWRv7 win, it combined with several more solid results to land him on the ranking. The pandemic and the shift to wi-fi changed a lot the past few seasons. But, 0mart repped the Dominican Republic as a world-class competitor the whole time, and that won’t change anytime soon.

— Cloudhead

Syrup ranks 42nd on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

With explosive gameplay and a strong punish game, Armada’s own young Ness main Andrew “Syrup” M. flashes onto the WWRv7, making his debut at No. 42. This New Jersey native had a rough start to the season, finishing 33rd at Frame Perfect Series 4: Online while taking losses to unranked players. Throughout the season, though, Syrup’s results changed for the better. He climbed the ranks of sizable weekly events like Mega Smash Mondays and Galaxy Gambit x Collision. This all culminated in his run at SWT NA Northeast Online Qualifier, where he ran through Ned, WaDi and LeoN en route to a second place finish at an incredibly stacked S-tier. His only losses came against Tweek in Grand Finals.

Syrup’s other results for the season also aided in his solid debut placing. These included his seventh place finish at ZapZone Tournament #4, where he defeated Monte and Kiyarash; and his fifth place finish at KML: Online Open, where he defeated yosi, JeJaJeJa, SuperGirlKels and Chag. Syrup did not enter too many events this season, attending just one tournament more than the minimum to qualify. Even so, his incredibly strong SWT result pushed him to the forefront of online players to look out for in the transition to offline. As a young player that is already showing great promise as one of the greatest Ness players, we hope that Syrup sticks around and continues to climb to the top.


MVD ranks 41st on the WWRv7.
Graphic by Cloudhead

The community is no stranger to Jestise “MVD” Negron, one of Brawl’s veteran Snake players. Even though his consistent online grind started much later than others, that didn’t stop him from quickly adapting to the environment and racking up a solid resume. His peak performance was at the SWT NA Southwest Online Qualifier, where he placed third. He also boasts two other solid performances at Lunch Box events, placing seventh at Lunch Box #9 and 17th at Lunch Box #8.

On top of those placements, MVD was able to amass wins on names such as naitosharp, Frawg and AlanDiss. Meanwhile, he only lost a single time to an unranked player. However, given his 3-8 record against the Top 50, he was not able to secure a higher spot on the WWRv7. Regardless of that, he remains a fearsome competitor, and one that continues to make strides in tournaments.

— Cagt

Make sure to check back on Thursday, July 22, as the rankings continue with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v7: 40-31!

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.