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Daily Esports is proud to partner with Liam “Cloudhead” Estes, Mitch “Tacos” Blake, and “Dexy” to bring you the WWRv4! The Wi-fi Warrior Rank rates 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate‘s competitive online scene.

Today’s rankings may suggest a changing of the guard for the Wi-fi Warrior Rank. Six of today’s players make their WWR debut right here on the WWRv4. However, the rankings also feature a former top 5 player who has dropped into the 20s.

WWRv4: 30-21

It’s hard not to take note of Nathan “Note” Baltazar’s outstanding performances this season. Today, he thunders onto the ranking at #30. Two of Note’s best performances came on back-to-back days, beginning with Ultimate Naifu Wars #6. There, he scored 5th place, along with wins on Soki, sebayeeeee, and BlazingPasta. The next day, at ECLIPSE: Ravenking Edition, he made another trip to top 8 and took out Slay and SZB on the way. Note never shies away from competition. The din of battle is music to his ears. With a statement debut season, he’ll be on everyone’s radar this upcoming season and in the future.

This season has marked the WWR debut of not just great players, but also many new and/or unconventional characters. Our next player is no exception. “Sogoodpop” makes history as the first Wii Fit Trainer main to grace the top 50. His tournament results got the ball rolling for his WWRv4 season, taking a bronze medal at the SnR x SMW October Monthly and reaching top 8 at Extra Life Smash. His wins were similarly fit for the top 30. With sets over Sword, BattlePuP, Br1 AV, Conway, and more, he exercised his will over a number of dangerous opponents.

Experience against characters like Wii Fit Trainer doesn’t come easy. That’s even scarier when she’s being piloted by someone of Sogoodpop’s caliber. Maybe that’s a good thing, though. If you don’t know the matchup, just run into Sogoodpop in bracket, and he’ll happily whip you into shape.

Sneaking into the #28 spot is “RatedRudy”, whose Greninja leaves a wake of toad-al destruction wherever he goes. His season began slowly but picked up mightily in the second half, when the majority of his best results happened. This includes top 8 at B-tiers Merry Smashmas and Homecoming and top 16 at A-tiers UNW #6 and Smash Legends #3. Victories over such players as Bloom4Eva, Sylver, Urameshi, and Rinku filled out his player card. Leading the pack in a veritable sea of Greninja players, RatedRudy will be looking to improve his rank this season. There’s no substitute for raw player skill, and he has it in spades — it’s all up to him moving forward.

Dan “Poison” Cruz has a penchant for showing up when it matters most. That rang true this season, as the Link main rose 16 spots to #27 on the ranks. After beginning the year with a solid 13th place finish at Take the Throne Edition, he tore through SL’s 2 Year Anniversary, the highest-ranked event of the season, reaching 5th place. He took home wins on BattlePuP, Ravenking, Uhh, Sword, and Hydra at that one event alone, marking one of the most impressive bracket runs of perhaps any player this season.

Following Tainted Renegades’ victory in the most recent Smash Crew League season, Poison announced his retirement from competitive Smash Ultimate. The legacy he leaves is undeniable, whether his own as a competitor, or that of the crew he’s helped build into one of the best in all of the Smash Crew League. On behalf of the WWRv4 team, we congratulate Poison on his outstanding career in Ultimate. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

The second of five in the WWR’s perfect-attendance club, Brian “Benny&thejets” Navarro makes his fourth consecutive top 50 appearance. His WWRv4 season started off with a bang at Ultimate Naifu Wars #6, which became the season’s second highest rated event. He took out Zomba, Rinku, Pokelam, Slay, and more, finishing at a resounding 2nd place. His pace cooled slightly moving forward, filling out his resume with two top 16 finishes at A-tiers. Still, it was more than enough to take him to the #26 spot.

One of the most recognizable names in any bracket he enters, Benny&thejets builds his reputation both online and offline with each passing day. Graduating fully to offline play sometimes seems inevitable, especially with someone of his talent. But his results make it clear that as long as he’s got time for a tourney or two, there should always be a WWR spot waiting for him at the end of the season.

With the monarchs of the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland at the ready, “Slay” returns to the ranking and becomes the first member of our top half this season. Slay scored high finishes at A-tiers left and right. Among them were 4th and 7th place finishes at Smash Legends #3 and Hardcover Volume 1, respectively. Between the two, Slay took sets from chase, Nerva, Dusty_Carpet, and Atticus, creating a more-than-solid win list for the season.

Whether it’s with Peach, Daisy, or an expertly counterpicked combination of the two, Slay is always prepared to do just what their name indicates. Steadily rising from last season, only time will tell if we see Slay break into the top 20 next season. But results like these suggest that it’s well within their reach.

Trying to take on a player this superb is always gonna leave a mark. Mark “MarktheSDKing” Simien returns for a second straight season, rising two spots to #24. Impressive placings were the name of the game this season. MarktheSDKing scored 5th place at two separate A-tiers and top 8 at four additional tournaments throughout the season. Riley, Sword, ZeroTwoNone, and Slay were among the big names that fell during his various runs to the top. Jumping two spots from his previous rank, Mark has long proven his mettle against the competition. As one of the most consistent players in the game, he’ll be aiming to rocket up the standings this upcoming season.

It’s no easy feat to make WWRv4 with the minimum possible amount of tournaments. But not only can it be done; it can be done well. At #23, Nicholas “Nerva” Eisman becomes the latest in a long list of deadly Palutena players to find their way onto the WWRv4, and with good reason. Fifth place at Smash Legends #3 and 4th at the Zenith Online Monthly rounded out a short but sweet season. His wins are equally true to his high standing. Wins over Sword, Bloom4Eva, Middy, Pokelam, and more come together to create an impressive 7-3 record. In fact, Nerva was able to go at least even with almost every top 50 competitor he faced. Only Slay came away with a positive record on him.

As the WWR expands its reach in terms of tournaments, all signs point to wider sample sizes across the board this upcoming season. Nerva is among those who could benefit the most. For now, he enjoys a more-than-solid 23rd place finish. There’s no telling where he could reach if results like these keep up.

Despite having only two tournaments to his name, Henry “Kigumin” H. stormed past more than half the ranking and landed comfortably in the #22 spot on the WWRv4. With placings like 4th at Clash for Kongo Saga and 7th at The Harmony 2, his high standing isn’t surprising. Nor is it surprising when you look at his wins. Sets over enhancedpv, Frawg, Hydra, sebayeeeee, and Br1 AV headline his impressive 8-3 record versus the top 50. Results like these don’t happen by accident. If you didn’t already know Kigumin was one of the best in the business, this should be enough to convince you. He’s just a few more showings away from breaking into that highest echelon.

Making his well-deserved debut on the WWR, Bruno “Br1 AV” Assemani clocks in at 21st after nothing short of an amazing season. Fourth place at SL’s 2 Year Anniversary was among his best showings. There, he defeated Pokelam and ShinyMark and double-eliminated Poison. With several more great placings and a handful of additional top 50 wins, he set himself apart from the crowd. As a result, he stands as a strong candidate for best Snake in the scene.

Br1 AV is no stranger to being highly ranked, also holding the #2 spot in his home country of Ecuador. As an ever-present face at prize tournaments, he’s one in a long list of players with the potential to soar even higher in the future. For now, he rounds out our first 30 players and stands as a dominating force in any bracket he enters.


Make sure to check back on Wednesday, Jan. 29 for the WWRv 4: 20-11!

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.