Why is Gible still a rarity on Pokémon Go?
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Gible, a dragon and ground type Pokémon, is one of the rarest on Pokémon Go. Although Gible was released in the game in May 2019, it is still a Pokémon that is one of the most sought after. This is due to its rarity and power, leading Gible to be coined as a pseudo-legend.

Gible’s evolution

A Gible is quite a powerful Pokémon, even prior to being evolved.

  • Maximum CP: 1112
  • Attack: 124
  • Defense: 84
  • Stamina: 151

However, the Gible’s final evolved state is Garchomp, whose stamina, attack, and defense are ranked within the top 100. In addition, Garchomp is ranked number 12 in Pokémon Go in terms of CP. This justifies the rarity of this particular Pokémon, as it would likely be able to beat other Pokémon in a fight. On the other hand, Gible is vulnerable to Ice, Fairy, and Dragon type moves, which are Pokémon types that are easier to gain. An example of this is the Generation 1 dragon type, Dratini.

Rare gible and evolutions in Pokemon Go

Shiny Gible

With players already struggling to find a regular Gible, there is a shiny variant available, increasing the demand. If you are not lucky enough to find one in the wild, some players claim to have found the rare Pokémon in 10km eggs. One Pokémon Go fan on the GamePress community blog claimed to have hatched over 40 10km eggs. However, the player was not able to get a regular Gible or shiny Gible in a single one.

It is not known if the dragon and ground type Pokémon will be available in a community event, since the shiny Gible was released before its expected community event at the end of 2019. Since then, there have been no hints or speculation of Gible being involved in an event. Without a doubt, a community event featuring a Gible will be greeted positively by Pokémon Go trainers.

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