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If you really want to light up your collection of Pals, then hatching some Electric Eggs might be the best way to add them to your group. Here are all the Pals that can hatch from an Electric Egg in Palworld.

Eggs are a great way to add new Pals to your team, without the hassle of having to go out and collect them yourself. You can simply stick them in an Incubator, and go off and do whatever tasks you need to accomplish. When you return, a brand-new friend will be sitting waiting for you.

What type of Pal hatches from an Electric Egg?

This is very self-explanatory, but it should come as no surprise that Electric-type Pals hatch from Electric Eggs in Palworld.

While some Eggs, such as the Common or Damp variations, aren’t as clear with their naming, there’s no doubting what comes out of these ones.

Every Pal that hatches from an Electric Egg in Palworld

As with any Egg, there are two different sizes, containing smaller and larger Pals respectively.

Normal Size

  • Sparkit
  • Dazzi

Large Size

  • Univolt
  • Rayhound
  • Beakon

How to hatch an Electric Egg in Palworld

You hatch an Electric Egg just like any other in the game. Simply head to an Incubator, please your egg inside it, and it’ll tell you how long you have to wait until it hatches.

The bigger the egg, the longer it takes to hatch, but the timer in the menu will let you know how long you have until it finishes, so you can go off and do something else in the meantime, either IRL or in Palworld.

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