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FIFA releases once every year. This release has recently come with three different tiers of the game. This often leaves players at a crossroads; which edition of the game should you buy? With the small price differences in this year’s game, you can see if the exclusive features are worth it. Note that the pricing of the different editions of the game will be based on the UK Xbox store digital download prices. You can also check out the full details from EA Sports here.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of FIFA 19 is priced at £59.99, which is the base price for most downloadable games in 2o18. Unlike other years, players will receive some benefits for preordering the standard edition. If you buy this edition of the game, you will get the following:

  • Up to five Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (one per week for five weeks)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo loan item for seven Ultimate Team matches
  • Special Edition Ultimate Team kits designed by FIFA soundtrack artists

This means that the players who preorder the standard edition of the game will get some considerable rewards, with the Cristiano Ronaldo loan item being the key. Also, the five Jumbo Premium Gold Packs are worth a total of 75,000 coins, which is great for the first month of the game. In addition to this, the packs will contain key items such as consumables that could be expensive during the opening of the game. There is obviously the small chance that you can get a huge player in one of these packs as well. I personally got Sergio Ramos in a preorder pack at the start of FIFA 18, which got me up to 150,000 coins. This is easy enough to create a great team early in the game. Finally, having an EA Access subscription will save you 10 percent on FIFA and EA titles coming into the new game season.

Champions Edition

The Champions Edition is the middle edition of FIFA 19. This is where the great benefits start to roll in when it comes to preorder incentives. This edition of FIFA 19 costs £79.99 in the UK Xbox Store. This is £20 more expensive than the standard edition; however, the incentives seem to be worth it. With this edition you get the following:

  • 20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs in Ultimate Team
  • Three days early access
  • UEFA Champions League Gold Player Pick
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. loan items for seven Ultimate Team matches
  • Special Edition Ultimate Team kits designed by FIFA soundtrack artists

The list above shows that the extra £20 that will be spent certainly seems to be worth it. The extra three days of early access means that you will get a head start on your Ultimate Team over players who preorder the standard edition of the game. Also, this edition comes with the Champions League player pick. This is a new addition to FIFA 19 where the player is given a selection of players to choose from, and then they can choose one of the five players to enter their squad. These players will be 80-83 rated, meaning that you are guaranteed a marquee player to include in your starter squad.

In addition to this, the players will only come from clubs that are qualified for the Champions League, meaning that these players will come from the best clubs in the world. Finally, the addition of Neymar Jr. will allow the competitive players to take advantage of the new gameplay mechanics with the best players in the game.

Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition of FIFA 19 is the top tier of the preorder package. This package is very similar to the Champions Edition of the game, with the only difference in the game being 20 more Jumbo Premium Gold packs over 20 weeks. This leaves players thinking — is it worth £89.99? Here is what the Ultimate Edition contains:

  • 40 Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold packs over 20 weeks (2 per week)
  • 3 days early access
  • Champions League Gold Player Pick
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. loan items for seven games
  • Special edition Ultimate Team kits designed by FIFA soundtrack artists

This shows that the Ultimate Edition and the Champions Edition of the game have little to no differences. However, the 300,000 extra coins (totaling 600,000 coins in preorder incentives) could ensure that you secure even more coins than other players early on. In addition to this, there is currently a great deal going on in FIFA 18. This offer allows you to get 10 percent off on FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition. This could be paired with the additional 10 percent discount from an EA Access subscription to make the Ultimate Edition cost £71.99, cheaper than the Champions Edition. This means that you are getting 300,000 coins more in-game content, at a cheaper price.

Which edition should you preorder?

Following this, I think that the Ultimate Edition is currently the best edition of FIFA 19 to preorder, as long as you can utilize this 20 percent-off deal. The 600,000 coins worth of in-game content, top-tier loan items, and Champions League player picks will give you the greatest advantage in terms of competitive and casual play in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. However, if you are reading this article after the deal is over, then I recommend purchasing the Champions Edition of the game. This is because players will most likely have sufficient coins due to competitive play in FIFA 19 after you claim your 20 packs. The extra £10 will not be worth the 20 packs in the game, and I would suggest that you could spend the £20 on FIFA Points instead of the weekly packs.

What will I be doing?

I will personally be preordering the Ultimate Edition whilst the 20 percent discount offer stands. This will allow me to gain a huge advantage with three days of early access, 2 packs per week for 20 weeks, and finally a big player in the Champions League pick. However, if you do purchase the other editions of the game and you have some spare cash, you should invest in FIFA Points to help you get things such as consumables, as well as some potential upgrades for your squad. A lot of players will spend a lot of money on FIFA Points in the competitive scene. This means that it may take some time for more casual players to catch up. A lot of players struggle to start their Ultimate Team. I made a guide that shows players how to start, with no funds being added.

Which edition of FIFA 19 will you be purchasing? We’d love to hear from you. Also, I covered some of the new gameplay changes in FIFA 19; you can check that out here.