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The February 27th Pokemon Day broadcast revealed more details about the 2023 Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League. The tournament will be an invitational showcasing the best teams across Asia as a means to qualify for the Pokemon World Championships in Yokohama, Japan.

The Finals will feature the winners of each of the respective groups: East Asia, Southeast Asia and India Leagues. The highest placing teams will face off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a chance to take a piece of the $60,000 prize pool.

Here is all the information you need to keep up with and watch the 2023 Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League.

2023 Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League
The Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League Finals will take place in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia on March 18-19th | From Pokemon

Champions League Finals schedule

When: March 18-19, 2023

Where to watch all streams:

ENG Streams

Pokemon Asia Youtube Channel

PokemonUnite_AsiaCL_EN on Twitch

Pokemon UNITE on Facebook

Hindi Streams

Pokemon Asia Official YouTube Channel

pokemonunite_asiacl_in on Twitch

The finals will feature the top six placing teams from the regular season (top two teams from each regional league). The six teams will play an initial group stage of round robin competition divided into two groups. The top two teams from each group after round robin play will advance. The finals will then be decided by a final tournament stage between the remaining four times.

All information regarding the 2023 Asia Champions League can be found on the official Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League 2023 website.

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