Where to use the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key in DMZ
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Despite Ashika Island getting a majority of the attention from Call of Duty DMZ players early on in Season 2, there is still a plethora of content available on Al Mazrah. This mainly lies in the Faction missions and the various keys that players can find around the map. In regard to the keys, many players will stumble across one when they’re looting a crate or a dead body. From there, they likely have no idea what to do with it, as most of the keys don’t spell out their location. This is especially true with the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key in DMZ.

While some players might have a general idea of where this key leads, others don’t have a clue. Whatever boat you’re in, allow us to help, as we know exactly where you can use the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key.

Using the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key in DMZ

To use this specific key, players will need to visit the Al-Safwa Quarry location on Al Mazrah. This is the replica of the famous Quarry map from the original MW2 (2009), and it’s located on the far western side of the map.

Once you’re near this location, you want to view your map and zoom in on Al-Safwa Quarry. As you’re zooming in, you’ll see a white icon appear in the middle of the quarry. If you hover over this icon, it will say Kushaak Warehouse. The building this icon is over is not the exact one you want to visit, though. The building you’re looking for is the one that is connected to it, right across from the radio tower icon.

Kushaak Construction Warehouse key in DMZ
The building you’re looking for has the white arrow icon on it. | Provided by Activision

You want to head to this building and make your way to the southwest side of it. Here, there will be a locked door you can use your Kushaak Construction Warehouse key on. Open the door, and head inside to find out what’s waiting for you. Be warned, though, there are dozens of enemies in and around this location in the quarry, so make sure you are prepared for a fight.

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