Where to leave an IO car at an alien settlement for Fortnite challenge
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The IO, or Imagined Order, are at the forefront of this week’s Epic and Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. This has been the case for a couple of weeks and it’s clear that Epic Games has something in store for IOs at the end of Season 7. One of the several tasks that deals with them in the weekly challenges is leaving an IO car at an alien settlement. For what purpose? That’s what players are going to have to find out.

However, one thing players can discover now is how to complete this challenge in Week 13 of Fortnite. For players looking to earn a quick 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass, there’s no better way than completing the easier Legendary Quests for the week.

Leaving an IO Car at an alien settlement in Fortnite

Players will need to know two things to complete this challenge: where to find an IO car and what an alien settlement is. In regard to the first aspect, players can find an IO Car at either the IO Satellite Stations or at Corny Complex. The cars look like regular Fortnite vehicles but they have the white IO logo on the driver side door.

Once players have located a car, they can hop in and drive toward an alien settlement. These locations are places that the alien invaders have taken over. Players will know a location is classified as an alien settlement by the giant purple squares that scatter the area.

The easiest way to leave an IO Car at an alien settlement is by landing at the Satellite Station near Believer Beach or Sludgy Swamp. These two POIs are closest to Holly Hatchery, which is the best alien settlement to visit.

After players have a car and drive to Holly Hatchery, or any other settlement, they must get out of the car and leave it there. This will complete the challenge and reward players with 30,000 XP for their Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass.

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