Where to get Ship Parts to repair your ship in Starfield
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Ship combat can be addicting in Starfield, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Sometimes, you might find yourself in dire straits and an enemy fleet of ships has completely taken down your ship’s shields and health bar. At this point, you need to repair your ship, which can only be done with an item called Ship Parts in Starfield.

Ship Parts are not to be confused with the actual parts that you use to upgrade and modify your ship. Instead, it is an actual item that is found in your inventory and used to repair your ship when your hull’s health has been reduced far enough. I know from personal experience that Ship Parts can be extremely difficult to acquire, though, so allow me to fully explain where you can acquire more of them in Starfield.

Starfield – Getting Ship Parts

There are two ways to go about acquiring Ship Parts in the Settled Systems. Both ways are either time-consuming or costly, so don’t expect to have an inventory full of Ship Parts. Luckily, I found that you only need a handful of Ship Parts to get you through most ship combat encounters in Starfield. After an encounter, you can attempt to go and restock your supply.

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First and foremost, though, you need to know how and where to get Ship Parts.

Looting Ship Parts

The cheapest way to acquire Ship Parts is by looting them, as you might expect. The only reliable way I have discovered to loot Ship Parts is by destroying enemy ships and then looting their wreckage in space. I would say around half of the time, this wreckage container will have Ship Parts available to loot.

Also while out in space, if you help a friendly fleet of ships, such as the United Colonies or Freestar Collective, defeat enemy ships, they will hail you after the fight is over. When this happens, the captain of the ship will offer to repay you for your help, and one of the rewards you can claim is some Ship Parts. 

Both of these looting options are fairly reliable as long as you are looking for enemy ships to fight. You can find enemy ships reliably by jumping to different systems consistently. If you want to find a faction to help, then make sure to jump to systems that are controlled by a specific faction.

Buying Ship Parts

Buy Ship Parts Starfield
Buying Ship Parts from a vendor. | Screenshot via Upcomer

If you want to bypass the looting option, then you can purchase Ship Parts from vendors in Starfield. I believe most general vendors stock three to four Ship Parts at a time. You can find Ship Parts at a vendor by going to their “Aid” category and then scrolling down.

I have managed to purchase Ship Parts from the following vendors:

  • Shepherd’s General Store – Akila City
  • Newill’s Goods – Neon
  • Trade Authority Stores – New Atlantis, Cydonia (Mars), Neon, Akila City, etc.
  • Zuri’s Goods – The Key

I’m sure other vendors stock Ship Parts, but those are the sure-fire locations I have found that sell the item. You can purchase them for roughly 100 credits each but make sure to put them in your ship’s cargo hold as soon as you buy them. If they’re not in the cargo hold, you won’t be able to use the Ship Parts to repair your ship while in combat.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 7+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.