Where to find the Sound Stage 7 key in Dead Island 2
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One of the early missions in Dead Island 2 has you running after Michael Anders following his subsequent escape from Emma Jaunt’s house. It’s unclear why Michael might have left the safety of the house and chose to brave it out in the zombie-infested world of Hell-A. However, all players need to know is they need to find him somewhere in the city. After running through Beverly Hills and making your way through Monarch Studios, you’ll be faced with a locked door. This locked door, Sound Stage 7, requires a key to open, which are never easy to find in Dead Island 2.

Around the Sound Stage 7 doorway, there are several trailers and other small buildings that players can enter. The key is somewhere in one of these areas, but it could take players quite a bit of time to find a small key in the large space. Luckily, we know exactly where you can find the Sound Stage 7 key in Dead Island 2.

Find the Sound Stage 7 key in Dead Island 2

To make the explanation of where the key is simpler, players will want to be facing the Sound Stage 7 door. From this position, players need to do a 180 and turn around. Now, they should be facing a single trailer, which they need to head into. From the steps of the trailer, take a right and then look on the right side of the hallway.

There should be a sink splattered with some kind of black paint here. On top of the counter with the sink, you will see a sparking object. Pick the object up, and it will be the Sound Stage 7 key.

Dead Island 2 Sound Stage 7 key
The location of the Sound Stage 7 key. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

You can now return to the Sound Stage 7 door, after looting the trailers if you wish, and head inside to continue your search for Michael Anders.

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