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In Temtem so far, there are several creatures that are far rarer than others. The main three we focus on today are Barnshe, Oceara, and Nessla. Each is a unique spawn on a specific area of the Deniz region. The Deniz region is where a large section of the game’s story plays out, and it is also the starting region of Temtem.

The location of Barnshe

Barnshe is a Wind and Mental Temtem that is only available in one small part of the region. You can find Barnshe in the far north of the Deniz region, at the top floor of the Windward Fort. However, even within this small area, she only has a 5% chance to appear. A unique aspect of Barnshe is that, in the wild, only female Barnshe can appear. However, you can still obtain a male Barnshe through breeding.

Barnshe has a role within one of Temtem‘s side-quests, The Denizan Icarus. In this quest, Barnshe carries a camera high above the Thalassian Cliffs, helping the photographer obtain never-before-seen views of the region.

The best location to find the Temtem Nessla


The second rare Temtem spawn of Deniz is Nessla. Nessla is a Water and Electric-type Temtem, which you can find at the Waterfall at the Thallassian Cliffs. Besides the spawn here, Nessla can be found in some other areas. However, the chance of Nessla spawning there is much lower. At the Thallasian Cliffs, while surfing, Nessla can be encountered at a 10% rate. Nessla makes for a perfect Temtem to accompany you on your journey past the first Dojo. The reason for this is that the Surfboard is not unlocked until the first Dojo is defeated.

Oceara at the Aguamarine Caves

Oceana location Temtem

The final of the rare Temtem available in the Deniz region is Oceara. Oceara has a unique spot in the Temtem battle metagame. Oceara has by far the highest base Special Attack value of any Temtem. It beats Wiplump, which is the 2nd strongest Special Attacker by 15 Special Attack value. You can find Oceara in one location in particular, the Aguamarine Caves.

Within the Aguamarine Caves, only a small part of the area has the chance of spawning an Oceara — at the lowest level of the cave, at the underground Waterfall. The Aguamarine Caves are located in the most northern part of the Sillaro River.

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