Where to find the Keycard in Sons of the Forest
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When you first crash onto your mysterious and dangerous island in Sons of the Forest, you will be tasked with numerous objectives. Your first task will be getting some basic supplies, like water, tools, weapons, and so on. You’ll also need to build a shelter to keep all of the mutants away from you and give you the ability to sleep and save the game. However, as you progress and get all of the basics down, you’ll stumble upon some more difficult and intriguing goals. One of those goals is to find a keycard, which is a main progression point in Sons of the Forest.

Of course, like most things in the game, you won’t have any idea where this keycard is or how to go about getting it. To make matters worse, there are several keycards in Sons of the Forest, making your task even tougher. Today, we’re going to go over where to find your first keycard, which is the “Maintenace Keycard.”

Finding the Keycard in Sons of the Forest

Before you can even go looking for the keycard in Sons of the Forest, you will need a shovel. We have gone over how to get the shovel in a previous guide, so check that out before proceeding.

The reason you need the shovel is you need to dig at a digging site to reach an underground bunker. This dig site will be marked on your GPS, so simply go to that location once you have a shovel and dig into the ground. After some digging, you will stumble upon a door called “Maintenance A,” which you can open and climb through.

This will lead to a bunker, where you can find some interesting items. However, the item you’re looking for, the keycard, is located in the living room with the purple lights. You can find the keycard sitting on a table next to a laptop. After picking up the keycard, it will be added to your inventory and saved for future use.

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