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Another week means another set of Fortnite challenges to complete. With these challenges, named ‘Boogie Down’, players have the ability to search for the hidden Battle Star that is located somewhere on the map. In order to search for the star, you must complete 3 out of the 14 challenges in Week 6. We already covered those Week 6 challenges in-depth, so make sure to check that out as well.

With the Week 6 Battle Star, we’re taken to the newest location, the Floating Island. Let’s take a look at exactly where the star can be found so you can tier up your Battle Pass.

The Fortnite Week 6 Battle Star location

Fortnite Battle Star

Every week, Fortnite releases new challenges for players to complete for XP and Battle Pass progression. Once all of these challenges are completed, a new loading screen becomes available for use in the player’s locker.


This is where we can find a hint to the location of the hidden Battle Star. For Week 6, we’re given the Floating Island image seen above. Unlike most loading screens, however, we’re given the exact location in the image itself this time around.

On the edge of the dock in the center of the image, we can just barely see the secret Battle Star outline. This is the spot you’ll need to head if you want the star and a free Battle Pass tier. Simply hop into any online game of Fortnite and make your way to Fatal Fields. YouTuber Gattu gives us a better vantage point of this spot in his video.

Once you go to the Fatal Fields dock, simply hold the interact button, and the Battle Star has been found! A free Battle Pass tier will be awarded to you when you return to the lobby. Although, if you’re already tier 100, you will receive season XP in lieu of a Battle Pass tier up.

We hope this guide helped in your search for the Week 6 Battle Star! Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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