Where to find the Apres Ski Dance Floor for Fortnite Week 10 challenge
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The final set of Fortnite Season 3 challenges have arrived in Week 10. Players have been completing tasks all season long for the chance to reach tier 100 of the Battle Pass. However, this week is your last chance to earn any additional XP you may need to reach the final tier. One way you can help yourself along if you’re in this crowd is completing the Apres Ski Dance Floor challenge. While easy to complete, you need to first know where to find the dance floor on the Fortnite island.

The Apres Ski Dance Floor in Fortnite

For this challenge, you’ll need to complete the following task:

Dance on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds

We’ve seen similar challenges like this in Fortnite before, but Epic Games always changes one or two aspects. However, if you’ve been to the Apres Skin dance floor before, then not much has been altered. However, if you don’t know where it is, then you could spend multiple matches looking for it.

fortnite apres ski dance floor challenge

Fortunately, we know precisely where it is on the Season 3 map. First off though, you’re going to want to head into a Team Rumble match. While you can still do the challenge in a regular match, Team Rumble allows for respawns, making it much easier.

Next, drop from the Battle Bus near Misty Meadows. Southwest of that location is a small snowcap with a brown building next to it. This is where you want to drop, as it’s where the Apres Ski Lodge can be found. Once you’ve found the decorated cabin, head inside, use any dancing emote in the middle of the dance floor, and you’re done! You’ll be rewarded with 35,000 XP towards your Battle Pass once you go back to the main menu.

That’s it for this challenge guide! Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite news.

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