Where to find SHADOW Safe Houses for Fortnite Season 2 challenges
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The Week 2 Season 2 challenges are now live in Fortnite. The first two weeks of challenges for Season 2 revolve around Brutus, one of the Battle Pass skins that you see above. Every two weeks, the focus of the challenges will change. So, for example, in weeks 3 and 4, TNTina will take center stage.

As for this week, Brutus’ Briefing challenges aren’t too difficult. Many require either dealing damage or eliminating opponents. However, there’s one that has players visiting a SHADOW Safe House. The question is, where are the Safe Houses on the Fortnite island?

The location for SHADOW Safe Houses in Fortnite

The Season 2 map has five different SHADOW Safe Houses. For this challenge, though, you only need to visit one to earn a completion.

That means you have a lot of choices when deciding which location you want to either land at or venture to throughout the course of a Fortnite match. Of course, you’ll need to know where each Safe House is before you can make that determination. Worry not, here is a map of their locations.

Fortnite Safe House locations

To be more specific, here are the exact locations for each Safe House:

  • Brick building north/northeast of Holly Hedges.
  • A Port-A-Potty just outside Pleasant Park.
  • The Radio Tower southeast of Craggy Cliffs.
  • A Port-A-Potty in a Frenzy Farms brick building
  • Building on the middle island of Lazy Lake.

Frankly, the best course of action for most Fortnite players will be to land at whichever house the Battle Bus drives over. If you want to land safely, though, you can also choose a spot that’s out of the way from the bus’ route.

Once you visit one SHADOW Safe House, the challenge is complete! You’ll receive 40,000 XP to your Battle Pass once you’re done. Then you can move on to the rest of the Week 2 challenges.

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