Where to find Sensitive Documents in MW2 DMZ
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There are plenty of new Faction missions in Season 2 of Call of Duty DMZ that have been giving players trouble. From the all-new missions with Crown to the ones from the pre-existing Factions, Season 2 has been no cakewalk for fans of the extraction-based game mode. However, one of the tougher missions that players will undertake is called “Caved In,” which is a Tier 3 mission from the White Lotus Faction.

In Caved In, players need to secure Sensitive Documents in DMZ, which sounds easy enough until you realize the context behind the mission.

If you have been struggling to track down the Sensitive Documents, you are in the right spot. In this guide, we’ll provide all of the steps you need to secure the documents and finish up the Caved In mission in DMZ.

Finding the Sensitive Documents in DMZ

While we wish we could simply show you where to find the Sensitive Documents on the map, that’s not possible. Unfortunately, the Sensitive Documents are a random drop in DMZ, just like any other cash item or medical equipment, such as the IFAK, in the game mode.

However, there are a couple of locations that offer a high spawn rate for the Sensitive Documents. Those locations are any office building and police stations or headquarters. The reason why these spots have a high spawn rate for the documents is that they have plenty of areas with folders. Since this is the delivery device for the Sensitive Documents, you should be on the lookout for any file cabinet or desk that could contain a folder.

Naturally, office buildings and police stations have plenty of these objects. You might have to search a few dozen cabinets or desks to find the Sensitive Documents, but that’s simply how DMZ goes sometimes.

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