Where to find Electric Eggs in Palworld
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Aside from perhaps Dragon Eggs, Electric Eggs are arguably the most difficult to find on the map in Palworld. Since there is no “electric” biome, many players, including myself, have very little idea of where to look for Electric Eggs.

While that still remains slightly true, I have discovered a region where Electric Eggs are more likely to spawn in Palworld. There’s a chance for Electric Eggs to spawn across different parts of the map, but this one region seems to be your most likely spot to find them. You can see exactly where that region is by checking out the guide below.

Finding Electric Eggs in Palworld

During my travels across the map in Palworld, the only area that held a consistent supply of Electric Eggs was the northeastern desert region. Albeit, this supply is limited at best, so temper your expectations when going out to hunt for the yellow eggs. You can see where the desert region is located on the map below:

Screenshot via Mapgenie

The desert is home to mostly Ground and Electric-type Pals, with a few Neutral-types also popping up from time to time. You’ll also find plenty of Coal deposits, meaning you can finally make Refined Ingots. If you travel around the outskirts of the region, you’ll find a number of both Rocky and Electric Eggs. Sticking mainly to the southern tip of the region is the best way I found to go about egg hunting, as they tend to stop spawning the farther north you go.

There’s a chance for all sizes of Electric Eggs to spawn here, but I still mostly found regularly sized eggs. I did manage to find one Huge Electric Egg, though, so you might have the same luck and get to bring home a Grizzbolt or other rare Electric-types.

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As for other regions on the map, I had the most fortune with the regular biomes in Palworld. Going around the forest areas of the map led to a few Electric Eggs, but this isn’t nearly as consistent as traveling to the desert region. You can also try to look around the central desert on the map, which has a level 45 Alpha Anubis. This area didn’t seem to spawn as many eggs, but there’s still a chance for Electric Eggs to pop up around here as well.

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