Where to find Dire in Fortnite Season 8 | New NPC in v18.20
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Epic Games has continued the Fortnite Season 8 trend of adding new NPCs with every weekly update. This week, with the v18.20 update, Epic decided to bring in two familiar skins as NPCs. Ragsy and Dire are the new additions for this week of Fortnite, and each NPC comes with its own set of Punchcard quests. Their respective questlines have five challenges each that reward players with valuable XP for their Season 8 Battle Pass.

In addition to the Punchcard quests, players can visit either NPC to receive in-game items in exchange for Gold Bars. This article focuses on Dire and where players can find them on the Season 8 map. For a quick guide on where to find the other new NPC, check out our guide on where to find Ragsy.

Finding Dire in Fortnite Season 8

Like many other NPCs added in Season 8 of Fortnite, Dire is found at an unnamed POI on the map. This location is Camp Cod, which veteran players might remember from seasons past. However, as it is still unnamed, players might need a refresher on where to locate it on the Season 8 island.

Camp Cod is located at the very southeastern part of the map. It is on an island off the coast near Misty Meadows. Once players get to the island in question, they’ll need to head to the southernmost point of the island, near the small town with dark outlines on the map.

This is Camp Cod and it is where Dire is hiding in Fortnite. After players have arrived at the location, they’ll see a talking bubble appear on their screen. This bubble indicates exactly where players can find Dire. From here, players simply have to interact with the NPC to start the respective Punchcard questline in Fortnite Season 8.

Dire will always be in the same location in Season 8, so players won’t have to go looking for them from match to match.

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