Where to find Deadpool's Katanas in Fortnite Week 4
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A new week in Fortnite means more challenges are available for players to complete. Though, Season 2 features additional challenges besides the standard tasks that release every week and award Battle Pass XP. For this season, everyone’s favorite red-suited anti-hero, Deadpool, has his own set of challenges. These can be accessed on Deadpool’s computer inside of his hideout. In previous weeks, players were required to hunt down chimichangas and even toilets. However, for Week 4, players won’t even have to hop into a match to complete one of the tasks and earn the Katanas backbling.

Where to find Deadpool’s Katanas in Fortnite

There are two tasks associated with Deadpool every week. While one is usually a walk in the park, the other can be somewhat tedious. In weeks past, players have usually had to traverse the map looking for strange items, like the toilets.

However, for Week 4, the toughest challenge isn’t finding something related to Deadpool. But first, let’s go over both of the tasks for Deadpool this week. Here are the two tasks you’ll need to complete for Week 4:

  • Find Deadpool’s Katanas (0/2)
  • Deal damage to opponent’s structures (0/10,000)
Fortnite Deadpool Katanas backbling
Image via iFireMonkey

Clearly, the tougher of the two challenges is the second, which requires you to deal 10,000 damage to enemy structures. This isn’t difficult by any means, but it will take several matches to complete.

As for the Katanas, you don’t need to leave the Fortnite menu to find either of the swords. For the first one, simply head over to Deadpool’s hideout from the Battle Pass tab in the menu. Here, you can find one of the Katanas in the mirror of the bathroom. Click on it, and then head back out to find the second sword.

The second Katana is located in the room dedicated to Maya and her outfits. Once you first appear in the room, you’ll notice a sword lying on the ground next to Maya’s camouflage bag. Once again, click on it, and then you’re done searching for Katanas!

Fortnite Week 4

If you manage to complete both challenges, you’ll be rewarded with the Katanas backbling. This can be used on any skin but will look best on Deadpool when he finally arrives in Fortnite.

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