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Fortnite’s holiday event Winterfest is here, and one of the quests requires players to find Crackshot’s Cabin. Unfortunately, it’s not marked on the map, but if you’re lost and don’t know how to find it, we’ve got everything you need.

Winterfest’s Quests are now live in the game, with a special pickaxe reward for those who complete them. Along with free daily gifts, there are plenty of reasons to log into the game over this Christmas period.

Here’s how to find Crackshot’s Cabin in Fortnite, and what you need to do to complete the challenge.

How find Crackshot’s Cabin

Finding Crackshot’s Cabin is a little complicated, as you can’t actually visit it until the fourth storm circle. That’s because it can be found on the floating loot island that appears during matches. The location is completely random though. In my game, it spawned near Reckless Railways, but don’t back on it being the location in your match.

So, the aim of the game when completing this challenge is survival. Survive the first three circles, and when the fourth appears, look into the sky for a big rift. That’s where you’re headed, so get walking.

The island won’t spawn until you’re close to it, but once you are in its vicinity, it’ll appear in the sky, with cables dropping to the ground so that you can zipline up.

A Fortnite character standing outside a wooden cabin, covered in Christmas decorations.
Plenty of opponents will be heading here too, so be ready for combat. Screenshot via Upcomer

How to complete the Crackshot’s Cabin Quests

Completing it is incredibly easy. Once you get to the island, zipline up to it. Once you make it onto the island, walk over to the house (It’s literally the only building on the island), and you will see a pop-up that confirms you have completed the Quest.

You can now loot the island, then return to the ground and fight for a Victory Royale.

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