Where to find and complete Kakashi's Fortnite missions
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Hatake Kakashi is available to purchase in Fortnite from the Item Shop along with the Naruto × Fortnite cross-over. But that’s not all players are treated to. Along with the Kakashi outfit, players will be able to find Kakashi in game and complete missions for him. Here’s where to find him and complete all this missions.

Where to find Kakashi

Players can find Hatake Kakashi amongst a small pile of rocks just west of Lazy Lake.

You’ll find Kakashi on the pink marker (Screenshot by Upcomer)

When you see Kakashi, go up and talk to him. There should be four options available. You can choose to obtain items from him or complete quests. Here are the four options:

  • Complete a quest for 2K experience points
  • Purchase a Hunters Cloak for 400 gold
  • Purchase 3× Paper Bomb Kunai for 150 gold
  • Activate a Prop Disguise for 75 gold

When you’ve spoken to Kakakshi at least once, you’ll have him under your collections. Now you can start and complete the Jutsu questline.

Kakashi’s Fortnite Justu Missions

In the current Fortnite season, players are encouraged to find NPCs around the map and complete each of their missions. Each character has a total of five missions with 30,000 XP awarded per mission complete. Players can only take on one NPC’s mission questline at a time. If you choose to swap out a mission, you can pick up where you left off anytime by talking to the character again.

Kakashi Fortnite missions
Screenshot by Upcomer.

Here’s Kakashi’s five missions:

  • Scout one UFO Crash Site
  • Hit players with a Paper Bomb Kunai three times
  • Build a structure after taking damage
  • Place or destroy one trap
  • Tame one wildlife with the Hunters Cloak

Hidden Leaf Village Creative mode

If finding Kakashi and completing his missions isn’t enough, you might want to explore a full creation of Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf village. This is available in the Creative Hub and will be in-game until Nov. 29. Check out the other cool Naruto themed gear in our guide, and on the official Epic Games blog.

Players will also notice the battle bus is sporting the shinobi headband with the Hidden Leaf symbol.

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