Where to emote at Stone Statues for Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 challenge
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One of the challenges in the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 batch is to emote at certain Stone Statues. The task at hand is simple, but finding the statues can prove quite difficult if you’re not sure where to look on the map.

The end of the weekly challenges in Chapter 2 – Season 5 is nearing, and fans are scrambling to earn as much XP as possible. Completing challenges is still the fastest way to level up your Fortnite Battle Pass to this day. However, with not many opportunities left, players should make the most out of the challenges while they can.

One of the tasks giving players trouble in Week 9 is the search for Stone Statues to emote by. There are a couple of locations on the map to do this at for earning that coveted XP.

Finding Stone Statues in Fortnite 

The first location most players are heading to is at Colossal Colosseum. The central location is quite a hot drop in Fortnite Season 5, but many players actually prefer that for this type of challenge. Getting in, completing the challenge and dying quickly is a quick and easy method of earning XP.

In order to complete this task at Colossal Colosseum, you’ll want to land at it straight away. The Battle Bus always goes near it, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Once you’re getting close to the ground, find the large Peely statues near the big grandstand in the arena.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 week 9 stone statue challenge
The grandstand where the Stone Statues are located. Screengrab via Epic Games

Drop right in front of the statues if possible and simply select any emote from your collection. Perform the emote, and the challenge will be marked as completed.

However, if Colossal Colosseum isn’t to your liking, you can also drop at Coral Castle. This location is much harder to reach by the Battle Bus, but it is manageable. Whether you drop or navigate to the location, you will want to find the six statues that line the walkway into the castle. Once again, emote near them and the challenge is complete.

fortnite season 5 week 9 stone statue challenge
The Stone Statues at Coral Castle. Screengrab via IGN

That’s how to find the Stone Statues in Fortnite — make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite news.

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