Where is the best area to land on World’s Edge in Apex Legends' Deja Loot mode?
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The Deja Loot mode in the System Override event of Apex Legends is truly unique. The loot within the mode has a permanent spawn point on the World’s Edge map. So, for example, if you stumble upon a purple armor shield one match, it will be in that same location the next match. Thus far, the mode has gone over great with fans who are able to play a lot, as they know where the best loot is located. One fan even went to the trouble of putting together a map showcasing each location for certain high-tier loot.

Best loot location in Apex’s Deja Loot mode

In Deja Loot, the spawns for weapons and other items never change. At least, they won’t change on World’s Edge, as next week will introduce Kings Canyon in place of the Season 4 map. So, this guide will only be good until next Tuesday.

Nevertheless, one fan on Reddit decided to gather the resources of the Apex Legends community to construct a guide for all of the high-tier loot in System Override. The map showcases all known purple, gold, and Evo shield spawns. It also shows where some gold level attachments are, like Anvil Receivers and Barrel Stabilizers. Credit to Reddit user Skovosity for the image below.

Apex Legends Deja Loot World's Edge armor

As you can see from the map, there aren’t too many spots with purple or gold armor. The locations that do house them are often highly-contested, though, so it’s not always a smart move to land there.

It’s for this reason that we recommend landing at either The Geyser or Overlook. Both locations contain more than just one high-level armor and don’t see too much action. While an enemy team or two might land with you, there are plenty of weapons around to take care of them with ease. Each POI also has an easy rotation for future zones, so you won’t be running too far in any match.

Where’s your favorite place to land in Deja Loot? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.

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