When will the preload for Dying Light 2 Stay Human start?
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is releasing soon for every major platform. Developer Techland will unleash the zombie open-world sequel on Feb. 4, much to gaming fans’ excitement. The time to pre-order the game’s different editions is coming to a close, which means the time to preload is rapidly approaching. The preload for Dying Light 2 has already been confirmed for Feb. 2, giving players plenty of time to download the game’s file.

A preload is essentially a timeframe where players can download a game prior to its release. This allows players with a slower Internet connection to have enough time to fully download the game file before it officially releases on their platform. Like most games in 2022, Dying Light 2 will have a preload window.

The preload for Dying Light 2

No matter what platform players pre-ordered Dying Light 2 on, they can begin downloading the game on Feb. 2. Once players are finished with the download, they can’t access the game. They’ll have to wait until Feb. 4 to do so. Also, there could be a day-one patch update players will need to download before they can access the full build of Dying Light 2. The day-one patch could fix any lingering issues with the build, such as bugs, optimization issues, etc.

The file size for Dying Light 2 varies depending on the platform players are on. The different platform’s file sizes are viewable below:

  • PS5 – 34.5 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S – 35 GB
  • PC – 60 GB

The file sizes for the current generation consoles are fairly reasonable. It’s believed that the console file sizes are smaller than that of PC due to a compression technology on console. This allows the download size to be smaller than normal. The sizes for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have yet to be announced.

There’s no word on an official time these preloads will go live, so players should pay attention to their platform’s store for more information.

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