When will Deadpool receive his special event in Fortnite Season 2?
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The arrival of Deadpool in Fortnite is imminent, with his skin releasing sometime in the next week or so. For all of Season 2, players have been completing specific challenges for the anti-hero and earning themed rewards along the way. Of course, this pales in comparison to the actual skin, which should be unlockable for those who have been completing his challenges. However, according to recent leaks, more than the Deadpool skin will arrive. The leaks suggest that Deadpool will have his own event, complete with a yacht and other amenities.

When will the Deadpool event happen?

While we do have solid proof of the event, we don’t have a firm release date as of yet. There are still two more weeks of Deadpool challenges, after all.

That said, we can make some educated guesses as to when the event will debut. The first guess would be next Friday, April 10. This is the day the Deadpool challenges are suspected to go live, which means his skin will be in Fortnite. What could go better with the skin than a limited-time event?

This isn’t the only guess though, as others speculate it will go live with a Fortnite update. These usually go live every Tuesday morning, as we recently saw with the v12.30 update. So, it could be reasoned this is when Epic Games will release the event.

As for the event itself, we know that Deadpool will take over The Yacht POI. Data-miner @FortTory has a high-quality image of the location from the Fortnite files.

Deadpool Yacht Fortnite event
Image via FortTory on Twitter

Besides The Yacht, we know that the Battle Bus will be Deadpool-themed, and the Marvel hero could also take over the Item Shop. Unfortunately, this is all the information we have. Data-miners will need another update before they can gather more details.

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