When is Shipment coming to MW3?
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Shipment is one of the most iconic maps from the Call of Duty series and it’s returning in MW3. While the map has been featured in nearly every title since 2019, fans have made it clear they want Shipment as an available map in some shape or form.

This is mostly camo grinders speaking, as they like Shipment’s close-quarters action and constant engagements that make earning camos much faster than on regularly sized maps. However, general fans also enjoy Shipment for the same reasons, as you can’t get the same experience on any other map in Call of Duty.

Below, you can see exactly when Shipment is slated to arrive in MW3.

Shipment release date in MW3

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long to once again play on Shipment in MW3. If you noticed a strange playlist in multiplayer called “Rustment 24/7,” then you actually already know when Shipment is coming to the game. The Rustment 24/7 playlist combines Rust and Shipment across a variety of game modes, meaning you will only ever play those two maps if you queue up that playlist.

Image via Activision

At the time of writing, Rustment 24/7 is scheduled to release at 1 pm ET on Wednesday, Nov. 29. You can see the countdown timer for the playlist on the main lobby screen in multiplayer. Of course, if you’re reading this guide after 1 pm ET on Nov. 29, then the game mode won’t have a countdown timer, as it’s already live.

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It’s unclear if Shipment will have its own dedicated playlist in the future. It seems likely, given that Rust, Terminal, and Highrise have all featured their own 24/7 playlists thus far in MW3, but Sledgehammer Games has not commented on that possibility yet. For now, you can enjoy Shipment through the Rustment 24/7 playlist. If you want to ensure you play Shipment, remember to use the map voting system once you queue for a match.

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