MW3 Ranked Play delayed: Reason, maps, modes
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Modern Warfare 3’s Season 1 Reloaded is finally here, which also means the return of Ranked Play. Unfortunately, despite all the hype around the mode, we’re not getting our hands on it just yet.

Since Black Ops 2, a ranked playlist has become a staple of Call of Duty, and every year when a new CoD game releases, gamers are immediately calling for the mode to be released.

Thankfully, that day has finally come, and we’ll be able to play the same modes and maps as the pro players in the Call of Duty League. Here’s when Ranked Play launches in MW3, and the maps and modes you can expect to enjoy.

Why has MW3 Ranked Play been delayed?

MW3’s Ranked Play was set to release alongside Season 1 Reloaded. While we knew that there would be an initial delay between the launch of the patch and Ranked Play becoming available, we were greeted with some bad news just hours after the update went live.

In a tweet on the official CODUpdates account, the developers wrote: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, MWIII Ranked Play will be delayed while we investigate a recently discovered critical issue.”

What that issue is remains unknown, but the fact that it was bad enough to delay the release of an entire mode tells you how detrimental to the gameplay experience it was. Even worse, there’s no timeline for it being fixed and the eventual release of Ranked Play. We’ll keep updating this article as more information is available.

MW3 Ranked Play maps

There are six total maps in MW3 Ranked Play at release. These are Invasion, Karachi, Sub Base, Skidrow, Terminal, and Highrise.

While there are six at launch, it is possible that more could be added to the pool as the year goes on, depending on whether new DLC maps are added to the Call of Duty League pool by the pros.

MW3 Ranked Play modes

There are just three Ranked Play modes, mirroring what the pros play in the CDL.

  • Hardpoint: Teams battle for control of a hill. Every second you hold it, your team gains a point.
  • Control: Each team spawns with 30 lives. The attacking team must capture both hills or eliminate all the enemy’s lives. Defending team must stop the attackers from capturing hills, or eliminate all their lives.
  • Search & Destroy: Players are unable to respawn. Attacking teams want to plant the bomb, and defending teams want to stop the plant or defuse it.

If you’re excited for the mode and cant wait to get stuck in, check out our guide to the best MW3 Ranked Play loadouts.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 7+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.