When does the Vortex event start and end in MW3 and Warzone?
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The calendar has shifted to 2024 and it’s time for a new event in Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone. The Santa’s Slayground event is ending and it’s being replaced by the Vortex event, which promises to be one of the more unique ones so far in MW3.

Vortex introduces a new event full of limited-time rewards along with a new game mode, also called Vortex. The new game mode sees the worlds of multiplayer and Zombies mix, with the classic Ray Gun being used on three specific multiplayer maps. There is also some Warzone-specific content as well, giving fans all of modes something to enjoy during Vortex’s run-time.

Below, you can see exactly when the Vortex event will start and end in MW3.

The start and end date for the Vortex event in MW3

The Vortex event begins on Wed., Jan 3 at 1:00 PM ET. At this time, the event tab will update and take out the winter-themed events to replace them with the Vortex event. The Vortex mode will also go live and be playable through MW3 multiplayer.

As for the end date of the Vortex event, it runs until Wed., Jan 17. This gives you two weeks to enjoy the Vortex mode and complete all of the challenges/earn all of the rewards in the event. When the Vortex event ends, you can expect the Season 1 Reloaded update to go live in MW3 and Warzone. This update introduces a plethora of content, including two new weapons, a multiplayer map, Ranked Play in MW3, and more.

What is the Vortex mode in MW3?

The three updated maps for the Vortex mode. Image via Activision

The main highlight of the Vortex event is the Vortex mode in MW3 multiplayer. This game mode plays out on new versions of the Quarry, Rust, and Scrapyard maps, which have been updated to look like a Zombies map.

On these maps, you will participate in a Free-For-All style match against other players, but one player has the infamous Ray Gun, which can basically one-shot-kill enemies. Your goal is to eliminate the player with the Ray Gun so you can take it for yourself. The match is won once a player has reached the score limit, with the Ray Gun in their hand or not.

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