When does Ranked Play release for Warzone in MW3?
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The next iteration of Call of Duty: Warzone is here, as the COD Next event finally showcased the new map, Urzikstan, along with all of the changes coming to battle royale in Modern Warfare 3. In addition to gameplay being shown off for the first time, the developers at Raven Software also revealed when Ranked Play will launch for the new version of Warzone.

That’s right, the current version of Ranked Play in Warzone will not be transferring over to the new version of Warzone in MW3. While this might be disappointing for fans to hear, there are dozens of new weapons and other items that need to be considered for the competitive ruleset in addition to all of the returning content from MW2. Unfortunately, this means that your rank in the current Warzone Ranked Play will not transfer over and you need to wait until after launch to access the competitive playlist.

In the guide below, you can see exactly when we are expecting the new version of Ranked Play to launch in Warzone.

The Ranked Play release date in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is undergoing major changes when MW3 releases. | Image via Activision

The broad release date for Ranked Play in the MW3 version of Warzone was officially announced on stream at COD Next. We don’t have a concrete release date as of yet, but the developers at Raven Software stated the mode will arrive “sometime in Season 1.”

Obviously, sometime in Season 1 is quite vague. However, we also learned that the Ranked Play mode in MW3 multiplayer will likely launch with Season 1 Reloaded, which could mean Warzone’s ranked mode will release around then as well. Season 1 Reloaded is likely going to be released in January, as the initial Season 1 update is launching on Dec. 6. Traditionally, the reloaded updates for a season are released around three to four weeks after the initial seasonal update. Of course, all of this could change, as the Ranked Play modes have a chance of being delayed depending on any issues the developers face.

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Speaking of developers, Treyarch will once again take the reins of ranked in Warzone, with Raven Software helping out as well. This means you can expect a similar system in Ranked Play as the one that’s currently present. It’s unclear if the same rank names, icons, and rewards will be present in the new version, though. We’ll have to wait for more details on the specifics of Ranked Play in Warzone.

I will update this article with more information about Ranked Play in Warzone as it becomes available.

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