When does MW3 Season 2 end? Season 3 start date
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Call of Duty MW3 Season 2 launches on Feb. 7 after a lengthy Season 1. The first season of the title lasted for two months, which is a little over what previous COD seasons have lasted. Naturally, even though Season 2 has only just been unveiled, some players are looking toward its end date in MW3.

The end date for each season is actually somewhat important, as it lets players know how much time they have to unlock all of the seasonal content. This includes items from the Battle Pass and from Ranked Play as well, as all of the competitive rewards are also seasonal. To see exactly when Season 2 ends and Season 3 is slated to begin in MW3, check out the guide below.

MW3 Season 2 end date

At the time of writing, Season 2 of MW3 is currently set to conclude on April 30. This means Season 2 is currently planned to last roughly eleven weeks. This date was seemingly leaked early by the Xbox Store, but timelines can always change with Call of Duty seasons.

Eleven weeks is extremely long for a Call of Duty season, as they were traditionally around eight weeks in previous titles. It’s unclear why Season 2 is planned to be much longer than most other seasons, but we can only hope it means more content is coming out throughout its duration.

We know the Season 2 Reloaded update will deliver two new weapons, fresh Aftermarket Parts, an in-game event, and new Store Bundles, at the least. There’s also more in-season content that could arrive before or after Season 2 Reloaded. With an end date of April 30 for Season 2, the reloaded update should arrive sometime in early April. Once again, though, that timeline could change as the season progresses.

That’s all the information we currently have about MW3 Season 2, but I’ll continue to update this guide as more details become available.

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