When does co-op become available in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?
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For some players, the best part about the Dying Light franchise is the ability to play with their friends. Just like the original game released in 2015, players in Dying Light 2 Stay Human can partake in co-op if they wish. While the game is traditionally meant to be played in single-player, co-op allows up to four players to experience the game together. The big question that co-op fans have, however, is when the feature can be unlocked in Dying Light 2.

Co-op in the Dying Light sequel has all of the features that fans were asking for. There’s story and character progression that crosses over with co-op, as well as shared loot. This means that players can keep their progress if they want to switch to single-player and there’s no fighting over pieces of loot. Below, you can see just when co-op unlocks for all players in the newest Dying Light title so you can hop in with your friends as soon as possible.

Unlocking co-op in Dying Light 2

Whenever you start a new playthrough of Dying Light 2, you’ll be forced to go through a portion of it as a single player. This is essentially the tutorial section of the game, where you’re taught basic mechanics so you can survive by yourself. Think of it as a prologue to the main story of the game. The prologue takes around an hour and a half, depending on how quickly you can get through it.

You can unlock co-op when you finish the prologue. After the open world of Villedor is opened up to you, you can enable co-op and a host a lobby for you and your friends to join.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human co-op
The prologue takes around an hour and a half, and you can unlock co-op when finished. | Provided by Techland

To start a lobby, you need to hit “Esc” on keyboard and “Options” on controller. From here, select “Online Menu” and you will be able to invite up to three friends, start a lobby and tinker with other settings. You can back out of the online lobby at any time and return to your normal single-player experience.

If you don’t want any friends to join your lobby, you can go to “Options” from the main menu and then press “Online.” Select “Single-player only” in the first box and you’ll have a completely solo experience in Dying Light 2.

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