When do you unlock Talents in Hogwarts Legacy?
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Talents are Hogwarts Legacy’s version of a skill tree, and they work very similarly to how other open world RPGs handle skills. Players can unlock points to then unlock specific abilities in the various sections of the Talents menu. There are five sections in total, ranging from Core skills to Dark Arts abilities. In these sections, players can unlock specific abilities that either improve upon an existing skill or adds another one to their repertoire.

However, Talents are not available from the start of Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, players need to wait a bit of time before they can fully access the Talents menu. Below, we’ll explain exactly when you get to start unlocking these new skills.

Unlock Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Talents
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To access Talents, you need to complete quite a few main story quests in Hogwarts Legacy. You don’t need to be at too high of a Wizarding Level, but you need to at least have attended Potions and Herbology class and found Richard Jackdaw. Completing these quests will then give you access to Richard Jackdaw’s tomb in the Forbidden Forest.

We won’t go into further detail regarding this quest, but at the end of it, you will reach a point in the story where the Talents menu becomes unlocked. So, to break it down into simpler terms, all you need to do is complete the quest in Jackdaw’s tomb to unlock Talents.

Once you do unlock Talents, Hogwarts Legacy will explain exactly how they work. Essentially, though, every time you gain a new Wizarding Level, you earn a Talent Point. Those points can then be used to unlock a new skill in the Talents menu. Some Talents are locked behind a level cap or you need to unlock the first set of Talents in a section first.

Talents Hogwarts Legacy
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And that’s all there is to unlocking and using Talents in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re struggling to get through the main story quests, you can read our previous guide about when you can start to make Wiggenweld Potions.


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