When do you unlock Cosmic Powers in Starfield?
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Throughout the story in Starfield, your character will be able to unlock something called Cosmic Powers. These special powers are derived from the Artifacts that drive the Constellation quest line. Over the course of this quest line, you will encounter several different powers, all of which are different from each other and will provide you with extra tools to use in combat.

However, it takes quite a bit of time before you are able to unlock Cosmic Powers. So much so, that I began to wonder if I had missed something in a quest, as I was several hours into the game and still hadn’t unlocked them. Fortunately, all it takes is completing a single quest for Constellation in Starfield. I’m here to tell you exactly what that quest is and when you can expect to get it in your mission log.

Warning, there are spoilers for a certain Constellation quest in this guide. 

How to unlock Cosmic Powers in Starfield

The quest you need to start to unlock your powers is called Into the Unknown. It’s a Constellation mission that you receive after completing the quest “The Old Neighborhood.” Once that quest is finished, Sarah Morgan will give you two new quests, one of which is Into the Unknown.

This mission requires you to visit a space station called The Eye and speak to a man named Vladimir. Vladimir has a lead on where other Artifacts may be, and it’s up to you to venture out into the galaxy to find them.

When do you unlock Cosmic Powers in Starfield?
Vladimir at The Eye. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Throughout the course of this mission, you will first find two separate Artifacts in random locations across the Settled Systems. After finding the second one, you need to return to The Lodge in New Atlantis and place the Artifacts down. Once that’s done, you can head back to up to The Eye and speak with Vladimir again.

This time, he will send you to a planet called Pyrocyon III, which has an anomaly on it that matches the Artifact’s signature. On Pyrocyon III, you need to follow distortions using your scanner and you will eventually wind up at a place called Temple Eta. Follow your quest marker inside the temple, and you will stumble upon a zero-gravity puzzle.

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This puzzle is quite simple to solve, as you just need to boost through star clusters every time appear around the floating rings in the middle of the room. Make sure you’re doing this quickly, otherwise, the puzzle will reset. Once the puzzle is complete, you will unlock your first Cosmic Power, which is called Anti-Gravity Field.

When do you unlock Cosmic Powers in Starfield?
The zero gravity puzzle in Temple Eta. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Return to The Lodge with your new power and Vladimir will give you more locations of anomalies. Every new location will see you complete another puzzle and unlock a new Cosmic Power in Starfield. There are dozens of powers to unlock, so if you want them all, you will need to visit a lot of systems and complete even more puzzles.

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