When can you preload Modern Warfare 3 on PC?
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As we draw closer to the official launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, players might start asking questions regarding the preload for the game. Preloading has become a common sight for any AAA title, as it allows players to download a file before launch so they can play as soon as the release time occurs.

With Modern Warfare 3, there are actually two different preload occasions. The first is with the Early Access Campaign, which goes live on Nov. 2 at 1 P.M. ET for those who have pre-ordered any edition of MW3. The second preload is for the main game, which goes live on Nov. 10 at 12 A.M. ET for PC users. If you’re on PC, then you need to know what time you can start preloading the game to ensure you can start playing at exactly midnight.

You can find out those details in the guide below.

The preload time for Modern Warfare 3 on PC

According to the latest Call of Duty blog post, the PC preload time for MW3 is set for Nov. 8 at 9 A.M. PT/12 P.M. ET. I’m operating under the assumption this goes for both Steam and Battle.Net. This means you have a day and a half to download the file for MW3.

The PC requirements for MW3 state that you need roughly 150 GB of storage space to hold MW3, but this is with COD HQ also installed. Without COD HQ installed, the preload for MW3 will be 150 GB (less if you downloaded the Early Access Campaign file).

If you already have COD HQ installed, then the preload file will be around 78 GB (once again, that will be less if you already downloaded the Early Access Campaign file). So the file size for your preload will be different depending on what you already have installed on your PC. Regardless, I recommend preloading MW3 as soon as possible to ensure it’s fully downloaded by the time Nov. 10 comes around.

The PC launch times for MW3. Image via Activision

The PC launch for MW3 is set to release at 12 A.M. ET on Nov. 10/9 P.M. PT on Nov. 9.

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