What's going on with Modern Warfare Battle Royale?
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Although we have tons of confirmed information for Modern Warfare, there are still some questions surrounding it. One of the biggest is if we are getting another Battle Royale mode as we did with Black Ops 4.

There was speculation that Infinity Ward would unveil their Battle Royale mode at the multiplayer premiere if they had one. However, since nothing of the sort was shown, many think there will be no Battle Royale this year.

Though nothing has come out, some leakers remain adamant about the mode appearing in Modern Warfare. So, which side is right?

Will there be Battle Royale in Modern Warfare?

Of course, no one knows for absolute certain if there will or won’t be a Battle Royale mode. While people can have their suspicions and sources, the only ones who know are those who work behind the scenes.

However, in an interview with IGN, developer Joe Cecot made it sound like Battle Royale isn’t a focus for Infinity Ward. Here’s some of what he talked about:

Modern Warfare Battle Royale
A screenshot of Joe Cecot’s interview with IGN. Credit to @TheGamingRevoYT on Twitter

While he doesn’t explicitly say “no Battle Royale”, Cecot does his best to imply it. However, he does talk about the higher player count Modern Warfare boasts. This is mainly in correlation with the 20v20 mode showcased in the multiplayer premiere, but it could also be a step towards a Battle Royale.

TheGamingRevolution has his say

Setting this interview aside, there are people within the Call of Duty community that adamantly believe a Battle Royale is coming. Among this crowd is known leaker TheGamingRevolution, who leaked nearly every aspect of Modern Warfare multiplayer in early July.

In a video titled “We ARE Being LIED To About “No Battle Royale” in Modern Warfare!”, he explains why we should still expect Battle Royale in Modern Warfare. Essentially, TGR says the mode is still being play-tested and isn’t ready to be shown. He remains firm that the mode is happening but has no knowledge of when it will be unveiled or if it will be ready for launch on October 25. However, he does mention that executives at Activision recently played it and didn’t like the overall gameplay. This could explain why it wasn’t announced at the multiplayer premiere.

TGR goes on to say that the Modern Warfare BR map is nearly two times the size of Blackout. He claims this is easily the best aspect of the mode so far, but the gameplay needs some fine-tuning. He doesn’t mention who his sources are or what their affiliation with the game is.

At this point, it’s hard to believe anything. TheGamingRevolution has an excellent track record with leaks for Modern Warfare, but he could still be wrong. We’ll just have to wait for Infinity Ward or Activision to make an announcement.

What do you think is going on with Battle Royale? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

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