What we know about crossplay in Apex Legends so far
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Though it was always doubtful, some Apex Legends fans hoped Season 4 would bring one long-awaited feature. A common feature nowadays, cross-platform play is something every fan desires in a multiplayer title. Fortnite, Modern Warfare, Rocket League are all current titles that have crossplay. However, Apex Legends has yet to figure out the logistics even one year after its release.

Respawn has confirmed the studio is working on the feature, but we don’t have a timeline. Even so, we do have some other details on crossplay that could give us an indicator as to when it will launch.

When could crossplay arrive in Apex?

A few years ago, this function was simply a pipe dream among avid multiplayer fans. The ability to play with a PC player while on console was the dream for many players. However, developers kept pushing off the feature until Epic Games came along with Fortnite.

The battle royale was one of the first titles to feature full crossplay, also including cross-platform progression. This was made possible by the Epic Games launcher, which had every player make an account.

With Apex Legends, we know that cross-platform progression can’t exist. This is because Respawn never made console players create an Origin account. Instead, they just used their PS4 or Xbox One accounts.

Apex Legends Season 4 update
Season 4 of Apex Legends released to near-universal praise from the community.

But while cross-platform progression may be out of the question, crossplay itself is not. Respawn has said many times they are working on the functionality of the feature. They have yet to offer a timeline or even a rough release date, however. The Season 4 update was the last huge update, supposedly, for the next couple of months or so.

With all that said, when should we expect crossplay in Apex Legends? It’s unclear at the moment, but we would venture to guess that it will arrive sometime within the next few months. Respawn knows how badly fans want this, and it would give Apex Legends a boost in its player base. There’s no real downside to the feature.

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