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Starfield is upon us, bringing its massive space story and endless planets to RPG fans everywhere. Bethesda’s new game is highly anticipated but you may be wondering exactly when you can play the game.

First, if you want to play Starfield right when it becomes available, you’ll need to pre-download it. That way, it will be ready to play as early as possible.

When is Starfield coming out?

If you had the Premium or Constellation edition of Starfield, you already have early access to the game. But anyone with the Standard edition will be getting the game on September 6, 2023. That’s the official release.

What time is Starfield available?

The exact time that Starfield comes out depends on where you live. Here are the official times for each region:

  • West Coast US: September 5 at 5pm PDT
  • Central US: September 5 at 7pm CDT
  • East Coast US: September 5 at 8pm EDT
  • UK: September 6 at 1am BST
  • Europe: September 6 at 2am CEST
  • Japan: September 6 at 9am JST
  • Australia: September 6 at 10am AEST
  • New Zealand: September 6 at 12pm NZST

Keep in mind these are local times so some people will be getting the game a day earlier than others.