What platforms is Starfield on?
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After multiple delays and dozens of teasers, the release date for Starfield is nearly upon us. As the launch draws closer, some fans who might be gearing up to either pre-order or eventually purchase Starfield might wonder what platforms the game will be arriving on. After all, you need to know what system to buy the game for and if you even have the right system for Bethesda’s new outer space RPG.

Wondering if Starfield is coming out on the console of your choice? Here’s all you need to know about its platforms later this year.

Starfield platforms for its release date

Image via Bethesda

Unlike any other major Bethesda title in the past decade-plus, Starfield will only release on two different systems when it launches on Sept. 6. Those systems are PC and Xbox Series X|S. PC players will be able to purchase the game via Steam (Microsoft Windows version) while Xbox users can either buy it digitally or as a physical copy from their local retailer.

The obvious exception to the platforms list is the game will not be released on PlayStation 5, which is a huge blow to that community. The primary reason for this omittance is Microsoft, the owner of Xbox, bought Bethesda Game Studios back in 2021 for just over $7 billion. When that deal went through, it was expected that all future Bethesda titles would become Microsoft exclusive, meaning they would only launch on PC and Xbox.

And that has stuck true with Starfield, as the developers have revealed no plans for a PS5 version. Bethesda even stated that Starfield would have taken much longer to release if a PS5 version was to be developed. As such, if your primary gaming system is a PS5 and you were truly looking forward to playing Starfield, you might want to begin the process of building a PC or check the prices of an Xbox Series X|S.

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